Search and Rescue (SAR)


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Invitation Letter / Lettre d'invitation
Registration Form / Formulaire d'inscription
Workshop Programme
Updated List of Partcipants



Presentations Language
Aireon - SAR
Asia / Pacific SAR Plan  - Introduction
Asia / Pacific SAR Capability and Issues
Search and Rescue (SAR) Organization in Cameroon
Aeronautical SAR IN Cote d'Ivoire
From My Heart: Santjie White
Establishment and Operationalization of SAR In Ghana
IAMSAR MANUAL Volume 1 Appendix I - SAR Agreements
IAMSAR MANUAL Volume 1 Appendix J - SAR Committee
Civil-Military Cooperation and Coordination
Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) - Implications for SAR Services
Harmonization of Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue
Search and Rescue Library for Rescue and Coordination Centers
Best Practices Built and Led an Effective Team and Study Case Air Asia QZ8501 - Indonesia
Kenya's SAR Organization - KCAA
Outcome of the Second High-Level Safety Conference 2015 (HLSC2015) (Montreal, Canada,

2-5 February 2015)
Outcome of the Special Meeting of Global Flight Tracking of Aircraft (Montreal, Canada,

12-13 May 2015)
SAR Letters of Agreement and Search and Rescue Exercises
Search And Rescue Objectives
Safety Oversight - SAR Protocol Questions
Why the need for SAR Cooperation
Presentation of the Rescue Sub Center Reunion Island for Regional and Inter-regional Seminar and workshop on SAR
Lesson Learn from the QZ8501 Investigation
SASAR - South African Search And Rescue Organisation
SAR Development and Challenges in the MID Region
Search And Rescue Exercise Preparation Manual
Search And Rescue In Seychelles
Aeronautical and Martitime Search And Rescue (AMSAR) - Tanzania


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