Forum on Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) for Global Aviation Safety

ICAO/EASA Forum on Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) for Global Aviation Safety

22 - 24 March 2017
Royal Swazi Spa ( Convention Centre),Old Main Road,
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About RSOO Forum

The RSOO Forum is a global event organized by EASA and ICAO in cooperation and hosted by the Republic of Swaziland. The full title of the Forum is “Regional Safety Oversight Organisations for Global Safety” and it sets out to be the springboard for the next generation of enhanced regional cooperation and recognition in the ICAO framework.
The major objectives of the forum include, but are not limited to: identify various joint capabilities and facilities (functions) that RSOOs can provide to its Members, define a Roadmap and Action Plan for improvement of RSOOs (functionality & sustainability), with time line and champions/leaders identified, clarify the relationship between States and RSOOs – effects on State oversight, delegation, responsibilities, accountability and sovereignty, consider initiating a wide and detailed study on RSOOs, looking at central issues like establishing sustainable funding mechanisms, delegation of responsibilities, accountability, sovereignty.
The forum will also underpin issues related to the identification of involving RSOOs in ICAO work and procedures, cognition by ICAO of RSOO accountability where it exercises State responsibilities and activities, creation of a RSOO collaborative forum and review of other forms of cooperative State safety oversight mechanisms such as a regional CAA, delegation to another State, contracting specialist service providers, etc.
Speakers at the forum will include high level officials from leading international, regional and national aviation organisations, as well as governments, industry and institutional stakeholders.
The first two days of the forum have a global focus while day 3 focuses on the specific needs of Africa.

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