ICAO Group Medical Benefits Plan

Communiqué CAFICS July 2018.pdf
CAFICS Communiqué July 2018
Communiqué ACAFI juillet 2018.pdf
Communiqué ACAFI juillet 2018
Cigna_Guide to Medical Benefits Plan_EN.pdf
A Guide to Your Group Medical Benefits Plan (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Guide to Medical Benefits Plan_FR.pdf
Guide de votre assurance santé collective (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Cost Estimate Form_EN.pdf
Cost Estimate (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Cost Estimate Form_FR.pdf
DEVIS (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Notification of Accident Form_EN.pdf
Notification of accident (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Notification of Accident Form_FR.pdf
Déclaration d'accident (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Medical Claim Form_EN.pdf
Medical Claim Form (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Medical Claim Form_FR.pdf
Demande de remboursement de frais médicaux (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Provider Claim for Direct Payment Form_EN.pdf
Provider claim form for direct payment of outpatient medical services (administered by Cigna)
Cigna_Provider Claim for Direct Payment Form_FR.pdf
Formulaire de demande de règlement direct de soins ambulatoires (administered by Cigna)


  • Go to Cigna website using the link below.


  • Enter your certificate number (available on your Cigna Card)

  • Enter your password.  Your password was provided by Email.  Upon your first online visit, please log on with the email password. You will then be asked to change your password into a personally chosen one at your next log-on.

  • You can access your settlement information at any time by logging on to our website with your personal reference number and password.

  • Should you forget or mislay your password, you can request a new one via the log-on screen of the website.

  • If you do not wish to do it electronically, you can print the form listed above
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