SMS Training Events at the ICAO ASIA/PAC Regional Office

​SMS Training Events at the ICAO ASIA/PAC Regional Office ​ 

During the week of 7 to 11 May the Regional Office hosted two training events on Safety Management Systems (SMS): a five-day Seminar on SMS for Aerodromes (7 - 11 May) and a two-day Regional Seminar on SMS - Managing Change in ATM (10 - 11 May).
The Aerodrome SMS Training Seminar was organized by COSCAP South East Asia and provided basic SMS training for 28 experts from seven States in South East Asia.


Participants in the Aerodrome SMS Seminar. Instructors:
Mr. John Slaughter (first row - rightmost) and Mr. Kevin Lam (first row - leftmost)
The Regional Seminar on SMS - Managing Change in ATM, was conducted by experts from the UK NATS. The Seminar provided the more than 70 participants with guidance on a systematic approach to managing safety, firmly reinforcing the notion of an effective ATS SMS as intended by the relevant ICAO provisions. The UK NATS case study used was a real life example of the effective outcomes that can be achieved by careful application of SMS provisions.

The presentations given by the experts from NATS were topical, relevant and professionally presented, helping greatly in addressing the Seminar objectives. NATS also very kindly hosted a reception for the participants at the Conference building of the Regional Office which was very enjoyable event that stimulated the exchange of views and information between the participants and the experts from UK NATS. 




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