APAC - Meetings, Seminars and Workshops - 2013


Tentative schedule of Meetings, Seminars and Workshops planned for 2011 by the ICAO Asia Pacific Office.
It is presented to States and International Organizations for planning and budgetary purposes only
and may be subject to change.

Access to the Internet in all meetingrooms

24-28 January 2011MET/ATM Seminar & TF/2 MeetingFukuoka, JapanHeld
25-26 January 2011ATNICG WG/9 MeetingBangkok, ThailandHeld
25-27 January 2011First ICAO Inter-regional (EUR/NAT; APAC) SATCOM Voice Task Force Meeting (SATCOM TF/1)Paris, FranceHeld
7-11 February 2011BOB-RHS/TF/5 & FIT-BOB/13Bangkok, ThailandHeld
14-18 February 2011CASP-AP Legal Seminar *Bangkok, ThailandHeld
21-24 February 201ARAST Meeting *Bangkok, ThailandHeld

21-25 February 2011
RASMAG/14Bangkok, ThailandHeld
24-25 February 2011SEA ADS-B WG/6SingaporeHeld
25 February 201112th SARAST, 12th SEARAST, 11th NARAST *Bangkok, ThailandHeld
23 Feb. - 3 Mar 2011National Inspectors CourseAuckland, New ZealandHeld
7-10 March 2011BBACG/21Bangkok, ThailandHeld
7-11 March 2011Aviation Cargo and Mail Security CourseKunming, ChinaHeld
15-17 March 2011AAITF/6Bangkok, ThailandHeld
21-23 March 2011OPMET/M TF/9Bangkok, ThailandHeld
23-25 March 2011METWARN/I TF/1Bangkok, ThailandHeld
5-8 April 201120th Steering Committee Meeting of COSCAP-SA*Colombo, Sri LankaHeld
18 - 29 April 2011Dangerous Goods Course *Bangkok, ThailandHeld
25-26 April 2011Fraudulent Documents and Passenger Evaluation course*Bali, IndonesiaHeld
26-29 April 2011ADS-B SI TF/10SingaporeHeld
3-4 May 2011FIT-SEA/11Bangkok, ThailandHeld
4-6 May 2011SEACG/18Bangkok, ThailandHeld
5-6 May 2011Workshop on Ionospheric Data Collection, Analysis and SharingBangkok, ThailandHeld
9-13 May 2011PBN Workshop & PBN Implementation Seminar 2011 and PBN/TF/8New Delhi, IndiaHeld
16-20 May 2011ATNICG/6Seoul, Republic of KoreaHeld
23-24 May 2011First Meeting of the APANPIRG Contributory Bodies Structure Review Task ForceBangkok, ThailandHeld
24 May - 1 June 2011AVSEC Instructors CourseHong Kong, ChinaHeld
25 - 27 May 2011ICAO Hands-on Training Workshop for States' Action Plans on Co2 Emissions Reduction ActivitiesBangkok, ThailandHeld
30 May - 3 June 2011FPL&AM/TF/4 & SeminarBangkok, ThailandHeld
31 May – 2 June 2011Safety Management Systems Implementation Seminar 2011, Flight Safety Seminar for CAAs and Operators*Seoul, KoreaHeld
6-10 June 2011Aviation Cargo and Mail Security CourseKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaHeld
14-15 June 20118th Steering Committee Meeting of CASP-AP*New Delhi, IndiaHeld
20-24 June 2011ICAO course on Safety Management SystemsBangkok, ThailandHeld
21-23 June 201111th SCM of COSCA NA*MongoliaHeld
27 June - 1 July 2011ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/21Bangkok, ThailandHeld
25-29 July 2011CNS/MET SG/15Bangkok, ThailandHeld
1-5 August 2011RASMAG/15Bangkok, ThailandHeld
15-17 August 2011Seamless ATM Symposium + Ad-Hoc Group MeetingBangkok, ThailandHeld
15-19 August 2011PBN Operational Approval Training*Bangkok, ThailandHeld
15-19 August 2011AVSEC Crisis CourseAuckland, New ZealandHeld
22-26 August 2011AVSEC Crisis CourseKunming, ChinaHeld
22-26 August 2011Aviation Security Legal Aspects Seminar *SingaporeHeld
5-9 September 2011APANPIRG/22Bangkok, ThailandHeld
6-14 September 2011National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme WorkshopHong Kong, ChinaHeld
19-21September 2011BOB-RHS/TF/6Bangkok, ThailandHeld
22-23 September 2011SAIOACG/1 (formally BBACG/22)Bangkok, ThailandHeld
3-5 October 2011SEA-RR/TF/5Bangkok, ThailandHeld
10-14 October 201148th DGCA ConferenceNew CaledoniaHeld
TBDPBN/TF/9Deferred to 2012
31 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2011Crisis Management WorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7-9 November 2011FPL&AM/TF/5 & SeminarManila, Philippines
15-18 November 2011SOCM/2 MeetingBangkok, Thailand
DeferredICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Seminar/Workshop for National Continuous Monitoring CoordinatorsBangkok, Thailand
28-30 November 2011The Seventh Meeting of the South East Asia & Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/7Chennai, India
29 Nov - 1 Dec 201113th COSCAP-SEA Steering Committee Meeting *Myanmar
5-8 December 201121st Steering Committee Meeting of COSCAP-SA*Dhaka, Bangladesh
7-8 December 20113rd SCM of FPP*TBA

* Note: Meetings organized by the COSCAPs or CASP-AP
TBA - To be advised
Participation by invitation only
For more information please contact:
Revised 7 October 2011

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