The Foreign Air Operator Surveillance Database (FAOSD)

The Foreign Air Operator Surveillance Database (FAOSD) program is a web-based reporting system created for storing and sharing information on ramp inspections among the civil aviation authorities of APAC states.  This programme is based on ramp safety inspections of aircraft, conducted within the legal framework stipulated in Article 16 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, “Search of Aircraft” and the Procedures Regarding Commercial Transport Operations by Foreign Operator in ICAO Doc 8335. FAOSD assists participating States in determining the level of compliance/safety maintained by their foreign air operators.

In order to participate in the FAOSD Programme States must have established a Foreign Air Operator Surveillance programme that is compliant with ICAO DOC 8335, meet the training requirements specified by the APAC Office and make a written request to the ICAO APAC Office to participate in the programme.


The FAOSD is comprised of a production site and a training site.


Training site:

The access to the production site will be granted only after the completion of training on the use of FAOSD.


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