The Fourth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Aerodrome Design and Operations Task Force (AP-ADO/TF/4)

(Hybrid Meeting, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 10 to 13 January 2023) 

collapse Type Name : 2022 AP-ADO-TF4 ‎(13)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(3)
!Final Report_AP-ADOTF-4.pdf01Final Report of AP-ADO/TF/420 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
Appendices A-D to the Report.pdf02Appendices to the Report20 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
Attachments1-2 to the Report.pdf03Attachments to the Report20 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(10)
AP144-AGA.pdf01Invitation Letter18 Nov. 2022Secretariat 
AP-144 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.docx.pdf02Provisional Agenda18 Nov. 2022Secretariat 
AP-144 - Attachment B - Registration Form.docx03Registration Form18 Nov. 2022Secretariat 
AP-144 - Attachment C - WP-IP Template.docm04Template of Paper18 Nov. 2022Secretariat 
AP-144 - Attachment D - AP-ADO TF Task List.docx.pdf05AP-ADO TF Task List18 Nov. 2022Secretariat 
AP-ADO-TF4 - Meeting Bulletin.pdf06Meeting Bulletin - Revised3 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
AP-ADO-TF4_MS Team Familliarization.pdf07MS Team Familiarization3 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
VTC Instruction.pdf08VTC Instructions3 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
ORDER OF BUSINESS.pdf09Order of Business8 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
Group Photo.pdf10Group Photo11 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
collapse Type Name : 2023 AP-ADO-TF4 ‎(21)
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
WP01 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda3 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP02, AI1 - Relevant Outcomes of AOPSG6.pdfWP/02Relevant Outcomes of AOP/SG/63 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP03, AI 1 - Relevant Outcomes of APANPIRG33.pdfWP/03Relevant Outcomes of APANPIRG/333 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP04, AI2 - Runway Turn Pad_Final (India).pdfWP/04Runway Turn Pad Specifications3 Jan. 2023India 
IHP ICAO Proposal.pdfWP/05            PresentationReview on requirement of intermediate holding position lights during CAT I conditions10 Jan. 2023India 
WP05 REV 1, AI2 - Intermediate Holding Positions Lights_India.pdfWP/05          Revision 1Review on requirement of intermediate holding position lights during CAT I conditions12 Jan. 2023India 
WP06, AI2 - HongKongChina-DevelopmentOfFullyIntegratedSafeguardingSurfaces.pdfWP/06Development of fully integrated safeguarding surfaces to uphold flight safety while facilitating pressing needs of infrastructure/building developments in Hong Kong9 Jan. 2023Hong Kong, China 
WP07, AI2 - Sequenced Flashing Lights_India (Final).pdfWP/07Review on Requirement of Sequenced Flashing Lights (SFL) for the Barrette Approach Lighting System in CAT I/II/III Conditions4 Jan. 2023India 
SFL ICAO Proposal presentation.pdfWP/07             PresentationReview on Requirement of Sequenced Flashing Lights (SFL) for the Barrette Approach Lighting System in CAT I/II/III Conditions10 Jan. 2023India 
WP08, AI3 - APAC Air Navigation Plan.docx.pdfWP/08Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Plan8 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP09, AI5 - Draft Regional Guidance for the Design and Operations of Altiports.pdfWP/09Draft Regional Guidance for Design and Operations of Altiports9 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP10, AI5 - Task List of AP-ADO TF.pdfWP/10Task List of AP-ADO/TF8 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP11, AI6 - AGA in the Pacific (PASO).pdfWP/11Aerodrome Activity in the Pacific10 Jan. 2023PASO 
WP12, AI6 - Proposal for Amendment to AP-ADO TF TOR.pdfWP/12Proposal for an Amendment to Terms of Reference of AP-ADO/TF8 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
WP13, AI7 - Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of Next Meeting.pdfWP/13Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of AP-ADO/TF/58 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(4)
IP01_REV 1 - List of Papers and Presentation.pdfIP/01              Revision 1List of Papers and Presentations12 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
IP02_REV 1 - List of Experts.pdfIP/02             Revision 1List of Experts for AP-ADO-TF12 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
IP03, AI 2 - ICAO HQ Update on AGA Matters.pdfIP/03ICAO HQ Update on AGA Matters3 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
IP04, AI 2 - INTRODUCTION OF CHENGDU TIANFU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT_China.pdfIP/04Introduction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport4 Jan. 2023China 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
PPT 01_OLS APAC AP-ADOTF4‎.pdfPPT/01Embracing the Change OLS Transformation5 Jan. 2023Secretariat 
PPT 02 - FAA ACR-PCR Overview Asia Pacific ADO TF Jan2023_rev1_PS.pdfPPT/02ICAO ACR-PCR Procedure of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength – Introduction to FAA AC 150/5335-5D10 Jan. 2023USA 


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