Ninth Meeting of the Performance Based Navigation Implementation Coordination Group (PBNICG/9) 

(Video Teleconference, March 22 – 24, 2022) 

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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report_PBNICG 9.pdf01Final Report_PBNICG 931 March 2022Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
State Letter_AP009-22-RSO PBNICG-9.pdf01State Letter_AP009-22-RSO PBNICG-913 January 2022Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_ PBNICG-9.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_ PBNICG-913 January 2022Secretariat 
Attachment B - Provisional Order of Business_PBNICG-9.pdf03Attachment B - Provisional Order of Business_PBNICG-921 March 2022Secretariat 
Attachment C- Meeting Bulletin- PBNICG-9.pdf04Attachment C- Meeting Bulletin- PBNICG-913 January 2022Secretariat 
Attachment D - Online Registration Guidelines_PBNICG-9.pdf05Attachment D - Online Registration Guidelines_PBNICG-913 January 2022Secretariat 
Attachment E -PBN Implementation Progress Report Form_PBNICG9.docx06Attachment E -PBN Implementation Progress Report Form_PBNICG917 January 2022Secretariat  
Attachment F-WP-IP Template_PBNICG-9.doc07Attachment F-WP-IP Template_PBNICG-913 January 2022Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(14)
WP01- Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_ PBNICG-9.pdf01Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_ PBNICG-918 March 2022Secretariat 
WP02 - Attachment B- Provisional Order of Business_PBNICG-9.pdf02Attachment B- Provisional Order of Business_PBNICG-921 March 2022Secretariat 
WP03- Global and Regional PBN Update.pdf03Global and Regional PBN Update18 March 2022Secretariat 
Regional Transition Plan for RNP Chart Identification_Status_22 March 2022.pdf04Regional Transition Plan for RNP Chart Identification_Status_22 March 202225 March 2022Secretariat 
WP05 - PBN Implementation Partnership Program Concept.pdf05PBN Implementation Partnership Program Concept18 March 2022Secretariat 
WP06 - Radio Frequency Interference of GNSS Signal.pdf06 Radio Frequency Interference of GNSS Signal18 March 2022Secretariat 
WP07- RNP-XLS with 30 deg interception of FAT_LLZ(India).pdf07RNP-XLS with 30 deg interception of FAT_LLZ(India)18 March 2022India 
WP08 - CDO and CCO Implementation(Secretariat).pdf08CDO and CCO Implementation(Secretariat)18 March 2022Secretariat 
WP09 - CDO-CCO Australia.pdf09CDO-CCO Australia18 March 2022Australia 
WP10- CDO and CCO Implementation in China.pdf10CDO and CCO Implementation in China18 March 2022China 
WP11- PBN OPS Apporvals USA.pdf11PBN OPS Apporvals USA 21 March 2022USA 
WP12-CASA PBN OPS Approvals(Australia).pdf12CASA PBN OPS Approvals(Australia)18 March 2022Australia 
WP13 - PBN OPS Approval India.pdf13PBN OPS Approval India18 March 2022India 
WP14- RNP AR Departure Operational Approval in Nepal.pdf14RNP AR Departure Operational Approval in Nepal18 March 2022Nepal 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(10)
IP01 -PBN Implementation progress in India.pdf01PBN Implementation progress in India18 March 2022India 
IP02 - CDO-CCO Implementation Progress in Indonesia.pdf02CDO-CCO Implementation Progress in Indonesia18 March 2022Indonesia 
IP03 - Indonesia International PBN Routes Plan City Pair.pdf03 Indonesia International PBN Routes Plan City Pair21 March 2022Indonesia 
IP04 - PBN Operational Approval Implementation and Challenges_Indonesia.pdf04PBN Operational Approval Implementation and Challenges_Indonesia18 March 2022Indonesia 
IP05 - RNP Chart Transition Plan Status_Malayasia.pdf05RNP Chart Transition Plan Status_Malaysia18 March 2022Malaysia 
IP06 - CDO performance monitoring at Incheon airport(RKSI)_ROK.pdf06CDO performance monitoring at Incheon airport(RKSI)_ROK18 March 2022ROK 
IP07- PBN Implementation progress Pakistan.pdf07PBN Implementation progress Pakistan18 March 2022Pakistan 
IP08- Thailand PBN Implementation Progress.pdf08Thailand's PBN Implementation Progress18 March 2022Thailand 
IP09-Progress of PBN Implementation in Myanmar.pdf09Progress of PBN Implementation in Myanmar21 March 2022Myanmar 
IP10-PBN Implementation Progress in Indonesia.pdf10PBN Implementation Progress in Indonesia21 March 2022Indonesia 


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