SSP and SMS implementation Webinar

Sharing experience and challenges in the Implementation of SSP and SMS in the region (AP-RASP Goal for 2022)

 (Video Teleconference, 8 July 2021)


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Content: Implementation of APAC Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP) 20-22 Edition requires the regional states to commence implementation of robust and matured SSP in the states and SMS in their respective Industry by end 2022. This herculean Task is commenced only by few states in the region and hence achieving such task has become evidently a formidable challenge. Hence states, in achieving this goal, needs continuous support and guidance from ICAO and other stake holders including experienced regional states and their Industry.


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AP056-21-RSO ICAO APAC Webinars 2021.pdf01Invitation letter8 April 2021Secretariat 
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SSP and SMS the Practice of China.pdfSSP and SMS: The Practice of China08 July 2021China 
Implementation of SSP_SMS in Singapore for APAC.pdfImplementation of SSP in Singapore08 July 2021Singapore 


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