SIMS Webinar

Safety Information Monitoring Systems (SIMS) Subscription and use by the regional states

(Video Teleconference, 6 May 2021)

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Content: Introduction of SIMS to the APAC Region, enabling states to improve their SSP elements, through a well-developed, ICAO, Safety Data Collection and Processing Systems (SDCPS). For those states who do not have a dedicated electronic tool in the collection and analysis of Safety Data are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this valuable tool in managing safety oversight functions primarily Ramp Inspection recording and analysis. Many more Applications are in the pipe line to be introduced to the system in the near future.

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Report of ICAO APAC SWIM Workshop.pdfFinal Report26 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
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AP056-21-RSO ICAO APAC Webinars 2021.pdf01Invitation Letter8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment A - Program Outline.pdf02Attachment A – Program Outline8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment B - Online Registration Guidelines.pdf03Attachment B – Online Registration Guidelines8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
SWIM WS 2021 Programme_V5.pdf04Workshop Programme29 Jun. 2021Secretariat 
Audience Instructions.pdf05Audience Instructions29 Jun. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - SWIM Workshop - List of participants as of 5 July 21.pdf06List of participants (Please verify your name and email address. If participant is not listed, please email to for updating)7 Jul.  2021Secretariat 
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6 July 0815-0830 SWIM Workshop_Overview of SWIM Concept FINAL.pdf01Overview of SWIM Concept5 Jul. 2021Yukinobu Ryu/JCAB 
6 July 0830-0850 APAC SWIM Implementation Philosopy final.pdf02Philosophy for APAC SWIM Implementation5 Jul. 2021David Leow/CAAS 
03_6 July 0850-0920 Operational use cases and requirements collection Final.pdf03Operational Use Cases and Requirements Collection6 Jul. 2021Sugoon Fucharoen/AEROTHAI 
6 July 0920-0950 Airlines SWIM perspective_Jun21_IATA.pdf04Airlines’ SWIM perspective5 Jul. 2021John Moore/IATA 
6 July 1000-1030 SWIM an Enabler for FF-ICE and TBO FINAL.pdf05SWIM: An Enabler for FF-ICE and TBO5 Jul. 2021Diana Liang & Kristin Cropf/FAA 
6 July 1030-1040 Multi Regional TBO Demonstration APAC FINAL.pdf06Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration Introduction5 Jul. 2021Diana Liang/FAA 
collapse Category : Presentations - 7 July 2021 ‎(7)
01_07 July 0810-0820 Multi Regional TBO Demo-AEROTHAI Architecture FINAL.pdf01Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration: Technical Architecture Overview6 Jul. 2021Xiaodong Lu/ENRI & Arthit Tosukolvan/AEROTHAI 
7 July 0820-0830 Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration RJAA-VTBS MR TBO Demo FINAL.pdf02Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration: RJAA-VTBS Pre-Flight Planning with Security Service5 Jul. 2021AEROTHAI & JCAB 
7 July 0830-0850 From ASEAN SWIM Demo to Implementation FINAL.pdf03From SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration to Implementation5 Jul. 2021David Leow/CAAS 
7 July 0850-0910 ROKs SWIM Journey - Final.pdf04Republic of Korea’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Sehwan Han/KAC 
05_7 July 0910-0930 MET-ATM Integration on SWIM FINAL.pdf05MET/ATM Integration on SWIM8 Jul. 2021Marco Kok, HKO 
7 July 0940-1010 FAA SWIM Journey FINAL.pdf06FAA’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Kristin Cropf/FAA 
7 July 1010-1040 DSNA SWIM Journey.pdf07DSNA’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Frederic Lecat/DSNA France 
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