2021 ADS-B Webinar


​Implementation of ADS-B

(Video Teleconference, 1 September 2021)

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Content: To share brief introduction, concepts, and benefits of ADS-B along with the progress of implementation of ADS-B in APAC region. Concluding message will be to urge non-implemented States to implement ADS-B, urge states for ADS-B mandate, and to request support of ADS-B implemented states by sharing ADS-B data with neighbouring states, sharing lessons learned and/or best practices.


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Report of ICAO APAC ADS-B Webinar.pdfFinal Report03 Sept. 2021Secretariat 
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AP056-21-RSO ICAO APAC Webinars 2021.pdf01Invitation letter8 April 2021Secretariat 
Attachment A - Program Outline.pdf02Attachment A – Program Outline8 April 2021Secretariat 
Attachment B - Online Registration Guidelines.pdf03Attachment B - Online Registration Guidelines8 April 2021Secretariat 
Audience Instructions.pdf04Audience Instructions11 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
ADS B_Webinar Tentative Programme v7.pdf05Tentative Programme01 Sept. 2021Secretariat 
Final_List of Sponsors and Contributors_ADS-B.pdf06List of Sponsors31 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - ADS-B Webinar - Final List of participants.pdf07List of participants01 Sept. 2021Secretariat 
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SP01_Introduction to ADS-B.pdfSP101Introduction to ADS-B23 Aug. 2021Ho Wee Sin/CAAS 
SP102_CNS - ADS-B Technologies of the future.pdfSP102CNS – ADS-B Technologies of the future01 Sept. 2021Massimiliano Ferla/THALES 
SP02_SIN - Singapore Experience.pdfSP201Sharing of Singapore's Experience23 Aug. 2021Ho Wee Sin/CAAS 
SP202_Space-based ADS-B.pdfSP202Space-based ADS-B31 Aug. 2021Adam Burford & Greg Dunstone/AIREON 


For further information please contact:

Mr. Luo Yi

Ms. Soniya Nibhani

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