​Sixth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ATS Inter-facility Data-link Communication Implementation

Task Force of APANPIRG

((Web-conference, 14 – 16 July 2020)

collapse Type Name : 2020 APA TF6  ‎(24)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report for APA TF6 Meeting Webconference16-July2020_by the mtg.pdfFinal Report30 Jul. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP132-20-CNS - Revised.pdf01Letter of invitation22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda (Revised)22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 2 - web-conference_Bulletin.pdf03Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin (Revised)22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 3 - Registration Form.pdf04Attachment 3 - Registration Form (Revised)22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docx05WP-IP Template22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
Microsoft Teams Meeting - External User Access Guide.pdf06Microsoft Team - External User Guide23 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - List of participants as of 13 July 2020.pdf07List of participants (please verify your contact details , if any) by email to bsirapongkosit@icao.int15 Jul. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(6)
WP01_ICAO -  OR of Business - Provisional Agenda Items.pdfWP/01Order of Business13 Jul. 2020Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of APANPIRG30-CNS23 - on AIDC.pdfWP/02Outcome of APANPIRG/30 and CNS SG/23 Meetings on AFS and AIDC25 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
WP02_APX. A_ATN-AMHS-AIDC Implementation Status.docxWP/02Appendix A to WP/0214 Jul. 2020Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI. 6 - Review TOR  of APA TF.pdfWP/03Review of the Terms of Reference of APA Task Force25 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
WP04_ ICAO AI.7 - Review Subjct-Task list of APA TF.pdfWP/04Review of the Outstanding Tasks/Action Item of APA Task Force22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
WP05_Indonesia AI.4 - AIDC Implementation Issue Report.pdfWP/05AIDC Implementation Issue Report13 Jul. 2020India, Indonesia and Singapore 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(10)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin22 Jun. 2020Secretariat 
IP02_MYS AI.3 - AIDC Implementation in Malaysia.pdfIP/02AIDC Implementation in Malaysia07 Jul. 2020Malaysia 
IP03_SIN AI.3  - AIDC implementation in Singapore_final.pdfIP/03AIDC Implementation in Singapore07 Jul. 2020Singapore 
IP04_India AI.3 - AIDC Implementation in India.pdfIP/04AIDC Implementation in India07 Jul. 2020India 
IP05_CHN AI.3 - Progress on AIDC Implementation in China.pdfIP/05Progress of AIDC Implementation in China13 Jul. 2020China 
IP06_CHN AI. 3 - The launch and promotion of AIDC handover between China and Laos.pdfIP/06The Launch and Promotion of AIDC Handover between China and Laos13 Jul. 2020China 
IP07_CHN AI.7 -  Promotion and application of electronic handover technology based on MHT4029-3.pdfIP/07Promotion and Application of Electronic Handover Technology based on MH/T4029.314 Jul. 2020China 
IP08_Indonesia A.3 - Implementation_Status.pdfIP/08Update of AIDC Implementation Status13 Jul. 2020Indonesia 
IP09_THA AI.3 - AIDC Implementation Status in Thailand.pdfIP/09AIDC Implementation Status in Thailand13 Jul. 2020Thailand 
IP10_PHL AI.3 - AIDC Operational Test in Manila FIR.pdfIP/10AIDC Operational Trial in Manila FIR15 Jul. 2020Philippines 


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