​Workshop on the Implementation of IWXXM

(Bangkok, Thailand, 12 – 14 June 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 IWXXM-Workshop    ‎(42)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
ICAO-APAC-IWXXM-Workshop-2019_Executive-Summary.pdfExecutive Summary Report26 June 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
AP035-19-MET.pdf01Letter of Invitation12 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
AP035_Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda12 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
AP035_Attachment 2 - RegistrationForm.pdf03Attachment 2 - Registration Form12 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
Workshop Bulletin by Aerothai - Final.pdf04Workshop Bulletin20 May 2019Secretariat 
Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok_RSVN Form - IWXXM WS.pdf05Hotel Reservation Form20 May 2019Secretariat 
Workshop-programme.pdf06Workshop Programme16 June 2019Secretariat 
APX. A - Final List of participants - 16-06-19.pdf07List of participants (for correction, please email to ssomsri@icao.int)16 June 2019Secretariat 
IWXXM-WS-photo.pdf08Group photo20 June 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(17)
1-Introduction.pdf01Introduction14 June 2019Chair MET/IE WG 
2_Global Air Navigation Plan - GANP.pdf02Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP)14 June 2019Australia/METP 
3_ICAOSARPs Policies Programmes and Guidance Materials.pdf03ICAO SARPs, Policies, Programmes and Guidance Materials14 June 2019ICAO 
4_Regional Considerations and Guidelines for the Implementation of IWXXM and AMHS.pdf04Regional Considerations and Guidelines for the Implmentation of IWXXM and AMHS14 June 2019Chair MET/IE WG 
5-Collaboration Between WMO and ICAO Weather Data Exchange for Aviation.pdf05Collaboration between WMO and ICAO14 June 2019WMO 
6_Introduction of IWXXM and its use for message encoding.pdf06Introduction of IWXXM and Its Use for Message Encoding14 June 2019Hong Kong, China 
7_Roles and Responsibilities.pdf07Roles and Responsibilities of Aviation Stakeholders14 June 2019Chair MET/IE WG 
8_Translation of TAC to IWXXM.pdf08Translation of TAC to IWXXM Bulletins14 June 2019Chair MET/IE WG 
9_Validation of IWXXM and available resources.pdf09Validation of IWXXM Bulletins and Available Resources14 June 2019Hong Kong, China 
10_ATS Messaging Management Centre  - AMC.pdf10ATS Messaging Management Centre (AMC)14 June 2019Thailand 
11_ICAO cyber security overview - revised.pdf11ICAO Cyber Security Overview - Revised19 June 2019ICAO 
12-IWXXM implementation solutions – IBL Software Engineering.pdf12IWXXM Implementation Solutions 16 June 2019IBL Software Engineering 
13-IWXXM implementation solutions – Frequentis.pdf13IWXXM Implementation Solutions - Frequentis14 June 2019Frequentis 
14_IWXXM implementation solutions – Aero-Info Technologies.pdf14IWXXM Implementation Solutions16 June 2019Aero-Info Technologies 
15_IWXXM implementation solutions – PCCW Global.pdf15IWXXM Implementation Solutions16 June 2019PCCW Global 
16_IWXXM Version Compatibility.pdf16IWXXM Version Compatibility16 June 2019Chair MET/IE WG 
17_IWXXM testing and monitoring - HKG and Chiar MET-IE WG.pdf17IWXXM Testing and Monitoring16 June 2019Hong Kong China and Chair MET/IE WG 
collapse Category : State Presentations ‎(16)
01_Australia-RODB Brisbane – Status, Plans and Experiences.pdf01Australia/RODB Brisbane - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Australia 
02_Bhutan – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf02Bhutan - Status, Plans and Experiences16 June 2019Bhutan 
02_China – Status - Plans and Experiences.pdf03China - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019China 
03_Fiji-RODB Nadi – Status, Plans and Experiences.pdf04Fiji/RODB Nadi - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Fiji 
04_Hong Kong China – Status, Plans and Experiences Part 1.pdf05Hong Kong China - Status, Plans and Experiences (Part 1)14 June 2019Hong Kong, China 
04_Hong Kong China – Status, Plans and Experiences Part 2.pdf05Hong Kong China - Status, Plans and Experiences (Part 2)14 June 2019Hong Kong, China 
05_Indonesia – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf06Indonesia - Status, Plans and Experinces14 June 2019Indonesia 
06_Japan-RODB Tokyo – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf07Japan/RODB Tokyo - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Japan 
07_Macao China – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf08Macao China - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Macao China 
08_Malaysia – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf09Malaysia - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Malaysia 
09_New Zealand – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf10New Zealand - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019New Zealand 
10_Philippines – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf11Philippines - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Philippines 
11_Republic of Korea – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf12Republic of Korea - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Republic of Korea 
12_Singapore-RODB Singapore Status Plans and Experiences.pdf13Singapore/RODB Singapore - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Singapore 
13_Thailand-RODB Bangkok – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf14Thailand/RODB Bangkok - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019Thailand 
14_United States – Status Plans and Experiences.pdf15United States - Status, Plans and Experiences14 June 2019United States 


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