​ICAO Regional Facilitation Implementation Seminar

(ICAO Asia and Pacific Office, Bangkok, Thailand, 12-15 March 2019)


collapse Type Name : 2019 FAL Seminar ‎(16)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
AP005-19-ASF - FAL Seminar.pdf01Letter of invitation 24 January 2019   
AP005-19-ASF Att A - Agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda   24 January 2019   
AP005-19-ASF Att B - Registration Form.pdf03Registration form 24 January 2019   
AP005-19-ASF Att C - Seminar Bulletin [FAL].pdf04Seminar Bulletin 24 January 2019   
group photo FAL Seminar.jpg05Group photo12 March 2019 
collapse Category : 3-Useful Information ‎(1)
Annex 9-Agency table.2019Feb1.pdf01Implementation of Annex 9 - Agency Table13 March 2019ICAO 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(10)
00.2019Mar12.Overview of Seminar.Final.pdf01Outline of Seminar13 March 2019ICAO 
01.2019March12.Annex 9-Mandate.pdf02Annex 9: Mandate, Description & Latest Developments: Mandate12 March 2019ICAO 
02.2019March12.Annex 9-Description.pdf03Annex 9: Mandate, Description & Latest Developments: The Annex: Structure & Latest Developments12 March 2018ICAO 
03.2019March12.Art 38Responses to SLs rev.pdf04Implementation of Annex 9: Electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD) & Compliance12 March 2019ICAO 
04.2019March12.EFOD System.pdf05Electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD) System: Background & Introduction12 March 2019ICAO 
05.2019March13.EFOD Entries-Compliance.pdf06Electronic Filing of Differences (EFOD) System: Entries & Potential Problems12 March 2019ICAO 
06.2019March13.NATFP-Introduction.pdf07National Air Tranport Facilitation Programmes: Introduction & Background12 March 2019ICAO 
07.2019March14.Doc10042-Establishment of NATFP.pdf08Doc 10042 & Establishment of a NATFP, NATFC & Airport FAL Committees: Overview12 March 2019ICAO 
07a.2019March - NCASP-Overview FAL Sem.pdf09The National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP)12 March 2019ICAO 
08.2019March14.How to develop-implement-NATFP.pdf10How to Develop & Implement a NATFP: Group Writing Excercises12 March 2019ICAO 


For further information please contact:

Mr.Ross Lockie
Mr.Remington Low


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