Sixth Meeting of the Common aeRonautical Virtual Private Network Operations Group

(Bangkok, Thailand, 8 – 10 May 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 CRV-OG6    ‎(33)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Report of CRV OG6.pdfFinal Report11 June 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
AP023-19-CNS.pdf01Letter of Invitation14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment C - Nomination Form.pdf04Attachment C - Nomination/Registration Form14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
new WP-IP template.docx05WP-IP template30 Apr. 2019Secretariat  
Tentative Meeting programme for CRV OG-6 as of 8  May-19.pdf06Tentative Meeting Programme8 May 2019Secretariat 
Atttachment 1 - Final List of participants for verification 8 May 2019.pdf07List of participants (to be verified/corrected contact details by participants, if any)10 May 2019Secretariat 
2019-CRVOG6-group-photo.pdf08Group Photo9 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP01 ICAO _Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda29 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
WP02 ICAO AI2 - Reivew AMHS ATN and CRV Implementation Tables.pdfWP/02Review and Update the AMHS/ATN Implementation Status Table and the APAC CRV Implementation Table30 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
WP02 ATT A - ATN-AMHS-AIDC Implementation Status - APA TF5.docxWP/02Attachment A - ATN-AMHS-AIDC Implementation Status (MS word)6 May 2019Secretariat 
WP02 ATT B - CRV Implementation Table updated by CRV OG5_Rev 2.docxWP/02Attachment B - CRV Implementation Table (MS word)6 May 2019Secretariat 
WP04_USA AI2   - CRV Backup-Final.pdfWP/03Common Regional aeRonautical Virtual Private Network (CRV) Regional Diversity Planning29 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP04_NZL_AI3- CRV-OG Manual.pdfWP/04CRV Operating manual - Progress Update2 May 2019New Zealand 
WP05_FRA AI7 - No Country Left Behind initiative applied to CRV.pdfWP/05ICAO No-Country-Left-Behind Initiative Applied to CRV2 May 2019France 
WP06_FRA AI6  - VSAT consideration Rev.pdfWP/06VSAT Consideration (Revised)08 May 2019France 
WP07_FRA AI6 - CRV Security Encription solution 2019 May 08.pdfWP/07CRV Security Encryption Solution (with password protection)8 May 2019France 
WP08_AUS AI6 - Managed Service Agreement.pdfWP/08CRV Pioneer State Contribution to the ICAO Managed Service Agreement (MSA) 9 May 2019Australia 
WP09_AUS AI3 -Connecting Service Providers to the CRV Revised.pdfWP/09Connecting of Service Providers to the CRV (Revised)10 May 2019Australia and New Zealand 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(10)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin30 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
IP02_USA AI2 -FAA CRV Implementation Update-Final.pdfIP/02FAA CRV Implementation Update30 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
IP03_MNG AI2 - CRV implementation plan of Mongolia.pdfIP/03CRV Implementation Status of Mongolia2 May 2019Mongolia 
IP04 ICAO AI2 - Outcome of COM Coordination Meeting with Russia.pdfIP/04Outcome of COM Coordination Meeting07 May 2019Secretariat 
IP05_ICCAIA AI6 -SUR Data over CRV.pdfIP/05Use of CRV for ADS-B Surveillance data07 May 2019ICCAIA 
IP05 Bangkok CRV Meeting - Surveillance data.pdfIP/05 (a)Presentation for IP/059 May 2019ICCAIA 
IP06_JPN AI2 - Process of migration to CRV.pdfIP/06Process of Migration to CRV7 May 2019Japan 
IP07_Fiji_AI2 -CRV Implementation Update.pdfIP/07Fiji CRV Implementation Status Update8 May 2019Fiji 
IP08_PHL AI2 - CRV Implementation.pdfIP/08CRV Implementation Status of the Philippines9 May 2019Philippines 
IP09_ROK AI2 - Migration to CRV Revised.pdfIP/09Migration to CRV (Revised)10 May 2019Republic of Korea 
collapse Category : Training ‎(3)
CRV Network Training1.pdf01CRV Network Training7 May 2019PCCW 
PCCWG OG6 Service Review.pdf02ICAO CRV Project - Service Review8 May 2019PCCW 
CRV Network Implementation Progress Report 29Apr2019.pdf03CRV Network Implementation Progress Report7 May 2019PCCW 


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