​Fourth Meeting of the ICAO Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Working Group (APSAR/WG/4)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 14-17 May 2019)


collapse Type Name : 2019 APSAR-WG4 ‎(67)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final APSARWG4 Report (with attachments).pdfFinal APSAR WG/4 Report24 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
APSARWG4 Invitation Letter.pdf01Invitation Letter31 January 2019Secretariat 
APSARWG4 WP IP Template.docm02APSARWG4 IP WP Template (.Docm)03 April 2019Secretariat 
APSARWG4 WP IP Template.docx03APSARWG4 WP IP Template (.Docx)03 April 2019Secretariat 
OOD.pdf04Order of Discussion08 May 2019Secretariat 
photo-APSARWG4.jpg05Group Photo15 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional Agenda09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP02 Relevant Meeting Outcomes.pdfWP02Relevant Meeting Outcomes09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP03 Global SAR Update.pdfWP03Global SAR Update09 May 2019ICAO (HQ) 
WP04 Status and Developments in Cospas-Sarsat.pdfWP04Status and Developments in Cospas-Sarsat09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP05 Seamless ATM Plan Update.pdfWP05Seamless ATM Plan Update09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP06 Regional Air Navigation Plan Update.pdfWP06Regional Air Navigation Plan Update09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP07 Air Navigation Service Deficiencies List.pdfWP07Air Navigation Service Deficiencies List09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP08 Regional Cooperation to Improve Implementation of the Asia Pacific SAR Plan.pdfWP08Regional Cooperation to Improve Implementation of the Asia Pacific SAR Plan09 May 2019United States 
WP09 Beidou Satellite System Operation Supporting Plateau SAR.pdfWP09Beidou Satellite System Operation Supporting Plateau SAR09 May 2019China 
WP10 Regional SAR Status.pdfWP10Regional SAR Status16 May 2019Secretariat 
WP11 Proposed Appendices for the AsiaPacific SAR Plan.pdfWP11Proposed Appendices for the AsiaPacific SAR Plan09 May 2019United States 
WP12 ICAO Regional SAR Plan Monitoring and Reporting Form Guidance.pdfWP12ICAO Regional SAR Plan Monitoring and Reporting Form Guidance09 May 2019Australia 
WP13 Asia-Pacific SAR Plan Update.pdfWP13Asia-Pacific SAR Plan Update13 May 2019Secretariat/ SWG 
WP14 Terms of Reference and Task List.pdfWP14Terms of Reference and Task List09 May 2019Secretariat 
WP15 SAR Point of Contact List.pdfWP15SAR Point of Contact List09 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(13)
IP01 Tentative List of Working Papers and Information Papers.pdfIP01Tentative List of Working Papers and Information Papers08 May 2019Secretariat 
IP02 GADSS Search and Rescue Update.pdfIP02GADSS Search and Rescue Update08 May 2019Australia 
IP03 Status of Cospas-Sarsat in Australia.pdfIP03Status of COSPAS-SARSAT in Australia08 May 2019Australia 
IP04 COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon Testing in Australia.pdfIP04COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon Testing in Australia08 May 2019Australia 
IP05 Phase-Out of 121.5 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters.pdfIP05Phase-Out of 121.5 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters08 May 2019United States  
IP06 Incorrect Beacon Disposal in Australia.pdfIP06Incorrect Beacon Disposal in Australia08 May 2019Australia 
IP07 Aeronautical SAR Operations in Mongolia.pdfIP07Aeronautical SAR Operations in Mongolia08 May 2019Mongolia 
IP08 Cambodia SAR Update.pdfIP08Cambodia SAR Update08 May 2019Cambodia 
IP09 India SAR Update.pdfIP09India SAR Update08 May 2019India 
IP10 Mumbai FIR Regional SAR Workshop.pdfIP10Mumbai FIR Regional SAR Workshop08 May 2019India 
IP11 Tokyo RCC and Philippines Aeronautical RCC SAREX.pdfIP11Tokyo RCC and Philippines Aeronautical RCC SAREX16 May 2019Japan and Philippines 
IP12 Nepal SAR Update.pdfIP12Nepal SAR Update09 May 2019Nepal 
IP13 Civil and Military Cooperation in APAC SAR Plan Development.pdfIP13Civil and Military Cooperation in APAC SAR Plan Development08 May 2019ICAO RSO 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
PR01 GADSS the New Zealand Approach.pdfPR01GADSS the New Zealand Approach10 May 2019New Zealand 
PR02 Space based ADS-B using NANOSATS.pdfPR02Space based ADS-B using NANOSATS17 May 2019ICAO 
collapse Category : Flimsies ‎(3)
Flimsy 01 ELT Testing.pdfFlimsy 01Process for the Conduct of Live Testing for Emergency Locator Transmitter10 May 2019Singapore 
Flimsy 02 Offshore Joint Maritime SAR.pdfFlimsy 02Offshore Joint Maritime Search and Rescue (J-MSAR)10 May 2019Malaysia 
Flimsy 03 SWIM Task Force.pdfFlimsy 03SWIM Task Force14 May 2019IATA 
collapse Category : State SAR Updates ‎(27)
Australia.xlsx01Australia30 April 2019 
Bangladesh.xlsx02Bangladesh30 April 2019 
Bhutan.xlsx03Bhutan09 May 2019 
Cambodia.xlsx04Cambodia08 May 2019 
China.xlsx05China30 April 2019 
Hong Kong, China.xlsx06Hong Kong, China30 April 2019 
Macao, China.xlsx07Macao, China30 April 2019 
Fiji.xlsx08Fiji*10 May 2019 
India.xlsx09India30 April 2019 
Indonesia.xls10Indonesia30 April 2019 
Japan.xlsx11Japan30 April 2019 
Lao PDR.xlsx12Lao PDR03 May 2019 
Malaysia.xlsx13Malaysia30 April 2019 
Maldives.xlsx14Maldives30 April 2019 
Myanmar.xlsx15Myanmar30 April 2019 
Mongolia.xlsx16Mongolia30 April 2019 
Nepal.xlsx17Nepal30 April 2019 
New Caledonia.xlsx18New Caledonia30 April 2019 
New Zealand (2).xlsx19New Zealand*10 May 2019 
Pakistan.xlsx20Pakistan30 April 2019 
Philippines.xlsx21Philippines30 April 2019 
Republic of Korea.xlsx22Republic of Korea30 April 2019 
Thailand.xlsx23Thailand30 April 2019 
Singapore.xlsx24Singapore30 April 2019 
Sri Lanka.xlsx25Sri Lanka*15 May 2019 
USA.xlsx26United States of America30 April 2019 
Vietnam.xlsx27Vietnam30 April 2019 
collapse Category : Status Report ‎(1)
Regional SAR Plan Monitoring and Reporting Form.xlsxRegional SAR Plan Monitoring and Reporting Form03 April 2019Secretariat 


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