Advanced Inter-Regional ATS Route Development Task Force Third Meeting (AIRARD TF/3)

(Amman, Jordan, 1-3 May 2018)

collapse Type Name : 2018 AIRARD-TF3  ‎(34)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
FINAL REPORT AIRARDTF3.pdfFINAL Report AIRARD-TF/304 June 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
FINAL REPORT AIRARDTF2.pdfAIRARD-TF/2 Final Report29 April 2018Secretariat 
ATM SG4 and AIRARD TF3 - Inv. Letter.pdf01AIRARD-TF/3 Invitation Letter04 April 2018Secretariat 
ATM SG4 _AIRARD TF3 - Att -Bulletin and Hotel List.pdf02Meeting Bulletin04 April 2018Secretariat 
AIRARDTF3 IPWP Template.doc03AIRARD-TF/3 IPWP Template01 May 2018Secretariat 
OOD.pdf04Order of Discussion01 May 2018ICAO APAC 
Group Photo.jpg05Group Photo02 May 2018Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(20)
WP01 Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda04 April 2018Secretariat 
WP02 Airline Perspective.pdfWP/02Airline Perspective01 May 2018IATA team -Clim van der Weijden (KLM) 
WP03 APAC ATS Route Development Status.pdfWP/03Trans-regional ATS Route Development01 May 2018ICAO APAC 
WP04 Russian Federation – China ATS Route Coordination.pdfWP/04Russian Federation - China ATS Route Coordination01 May 2018ICAO APAC 
WP05 RDGE28 Outcomes.pdfWP/05ICAO RDGE/28 (Route Development Group East) Meeting Outcomes01 May 2018ICAO EUR Region 
WP06 ATS Route Proposals – Arabian Sea (India).pdfWP/06ATS Route Proposals – Arabian Sea01 May 2018India 
WP07 ATS Routes - AIP Publication of Route Limits.pdfWP/07ATS Routes - AIP Publication of Vertical Limits01 May 2018ICAO EUR/NAT 
WP08 ATS Routes - Removal of Prefix U.pdfWP/08ATS Routes - Removal of Prefix U01 May 2018ICAO EUR/NAT 
WP09 Iran - Pakistan ATM Coordination.pdfWP/09Iran - Pakistan ATM Coordination01 May 2018ICAO EUR/NAT 
WP10 Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan Update.pdfWP/10Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan Update01 May 2018ICAO APAC 
WP11 ATS Routes - Colocation Designation.pdfWP/11ATS Routes - Colocation Designation01 May 2018ICAO EUR Region 
WP12 ATS Routes - Designation Inconsistencies.pdfWP/12ATS Routes - Designation Inconsistencies01 May 2018ICAO EUR Region 
WP13 Trans-Regional Duplicated Five-Letter Name Codes Update.pdfWP/13Trans-Regional Duplicated Five-Letter Name Codes Update01 May 2018Secretariat 
WP15 AIRARDTF Task List.pdfWP/15AIRARDTF Task List01 May 2018ICAO APAC 
WP17 ATS Route Proposals Between Tehran and Karachi FIRs.pdfWP/17ATS Route Proposals Between Tehran and Karachi FIRs01 May 2018Islamic Republic of Iran 
WP18 Tehran-Karachi FIR Interface Radar Separation Implementation.pdfWP/18Tehran-Karachi FIR Interface Radar Separation Implementation01 May 2018Islamic Republic of Iran 
WP19 MID ATS Route Proposals.pdfWP/19MID ATS Route Proposals01 May 2018ICAO MID 
WP20 ATS Route Designators.pdfWP/20ATS Route Designators01 May 2018ICAO MID 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(4)
IP01 Tentative List of Working and Information Papers.pdfIP/01Tentative List of Working and Information Papers01 May 2018Secretariat 
IP02 Air Navigations Services Status and Development (Afghanistan).pdfIP/02Air Navigations Services Status and Development 01 May 2018Afghanistan 
IP03 Capacity Enhancements in South Asian Airspace (India).pdfIP/03Capacity Enhancements in South Asian Airspace 01 May 2018India 
IP04 EUR FRA - Progress Report.pdfIP/04Free Route Airspace - Progress Report01 May 2018EUROCONTROL / NM 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
PR2 CDR.pdfPR/02CDR re-categorisation in ECAC area of ICAO EUR Region02 May 2018EUROCONTROL 
PR04 ICARD Issues.pdfPR/04ICARD Issues02 May 2018ICAO MID 
PR05 Iran ATS Route Implementation.pdfPR/05Iran ATS Route Implementation01 May 2018Islamic Republic of Iran 

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