​Fifteenth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Meteorological Information Exchange Working Group (MET/IE WG/15)(Bangkok, Thailand, 20-22 March 2017)

AP013-17-MET.pdfLetter of Invitation27 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
AP013 - Attachment 1 - Provisional agenda.pdfAttachment 1 - Provisional agenda27 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
AP013 - Attachment 2 - Meeting bulletin.pdfAttachment 2 - Meeting bulletin27 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
AP013 - Attachment 3 - Registration form.pdfAttachment 3 - Registration form27 Jan. 2017Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docxWP-IP Template03 Feb. 2017Secretariat 
group photo MET IE WG15.pdfGroup photo22 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
APX. A - Integrated Final list of participants for verification on webiste.pdfList of participants (For correction by participants, if any)24 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
Final Report.pdfFinal Report23 May 2017Secretariat 
Flimsy 01 - Fiji AI. 4 - Plan for IWXXM in Fiji.pdfFlimsy/01Plans for IWXXM in Fiji22 Mar. 2017Fiji  
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin17 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
IP02_AI.3_ROK_SIGMET-AIRMET-Changes_revised 20_03_17.pdfIP/02SIGMET/AIRMET Changes (Revised 20/03/17)21 Mar. 2017Republic of Korea 
IP03_AI.4_SIN_STATUS-PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-IN-SIN.pdfIP/03Status and Plans for IWXXM in Singapore17 Mar. 2017Singapore 
IP04_AI.4_JPN_PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-IN-JAPAN.pdfIP/04Plans for IWXXM in Japan17 Mar. 2017Japan 
IP05_AI.4_ROK_STATUS-PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-IN-ROK.pdfIP/05Status and Plans for IWXXM in Republic of Korea17 Mar. 2017Republic of Korea 
IP06_AI.4_AUS_UPDATE-ON-ICAO-METP-WG-MIE.pdfIP/06Update on the ICAO METP WG-MIE17 Mar. 2017Australia 
IP07_AI.5_ROK_UPGRADE-QUALITY-CONTROL-METARr.pdfIP/07Upgrade of Quality Control Program in METAR17 Mar. 2017Republic of Korea 
IP08_AI.4_AUS_PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-IN-AUS.pdfIP/08Plans for IWXXM in Australia18 Mar. 2017Australia 
IP09_AI.4_HKG-BKK-SIN_JOINT-TEST-IWXXM-EXCHANGE-OVER-EXTENDED-AMHS.pdfIP/09The Joint Test on IWXXM Exchange over Extended AMHS among Hong Kong China, Thailand and Singapore 18 Mar. 2017Hong Kong China, Thailand and Singapore 
IP10_AI.4_HKG_PROPOSED-WORKSHOP-ON-IMPLEMENTATION-OF-IWXXM.pdfIP/10Proposed WMO VCP / ICAO APAC Workshop on the Implementation of IWXXM for the Exchange of OPMET data to be held in Hong Kong, China18 Mar. 2017Hong Kong, China 
IP11_AI.5_THA_OPMET-EXCHANGE-BETWEEN-APAC-AND-MID.pdfIP/11OPMET Exchange between ASIA/PAC and Middle East Region18 Mar. 2017Thailand 
IP12_AI.4_IND_STATUS-PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-IN-INDIA.pdfIP/12Status and Plans for Implementation of IWXXM in India21 Mar. 2017India 
IPC01_JPN AI. C2 - Review of SIGMET Monitoring WC and WV.pdfIP/C01Review of SIGMET Monitoring – WC and WV20 Mar. 2017Japan 
WP01_AI.1_ICAO_PROVISIONAL-AGENDA.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda18 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP02_AI.2_ICAO_REVIEW-FOLLOW-UP-FROM-PREVIOUS-MEETINGS.pdfWP/02Review of Follow-up from Previous Meetings18 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP03_AI.3_NZ_AMENDMENT-TO-ROBEX-HANDBOOK - 2nd Revised.pdfWP/03Amendment to ROBEX Handbook (Revised 20/03/17)20 Mar. 2017New Zealand 
WP04_AI.4_CHAIR_STATUS-PLANS-FOR-IWXXM-AMHS-IN-APAC.pdfWP/04Status and Plans for IWXXM and AMHS within APAC15 Mar. 2017Chair of MET IE 
WP05_AI.5_IATA_AVAILABILTY-OF-OPMET-DATA-IN-APAC.pdfWP/05Availability of OPMET Data from ASIA/PAC16 Mar. 2017IATA 
WP06_AI.5_IATA_AVAILABILTY-NON-SCHED-OPMET-IN-APAC.pdfWP/06Availability of Non-scheduled OPMET Data from ASIA/PAC16 Mar. 2017IATA 
WP07_AI.6_CHAIR_GUIDELINES-FOR-IMPLEMENTATION-OF-OPMET-EXCHANGE-IN-IWXXM.pdfWP/07Guidelines for the Implementation of OPMET Data Exchange Using IWXXM16 Mar. 2017Chair of MET/IE 
WP08_AI.6_ROK_PFA-TO-APAC-ANP(revised).pdfWP/08Proposal to Amend the ASIA/PAC ANP, Vol. II18 Mar. 2017Republic of Korea 
WP09_AI.6_AUS_CHANGES-TO-OPMET-ICD-HANDBOOK.pdfWP/09Changes to Australian Entries in OPMET ICD Handbook13 Mar. 2017Australia 
WP10_AI.5_THA_INTER-REGIONAL-OPMET-GATEWAY-BACKUP-EXERCISE.pdfWP/10ASIA/PAC Inter-regional OPMET Gateway Backup Exercise between RODB Bangkok and RODB Singapore18 Mar. 2017Thailand 
WP11_AI.6_IND_CHANGES-TO-ROBEX-HANDBOOK.pdfWP/11Changes to ROBEX Handbook18 Mar. 2017India 
WP12_AI.6_HK_AMENDMENT-TO-ROBEX-HANDBOOK - Revised.pdfWP/12Amendment to ROBEX Handbook (Revised 22/03/17)22 Mar. 2017Hong Kong, China 
WP13_ICAO_AI. 7_REVIEW-TERMS-OF-REFERENCE-AND-WORK-PROGRAMME_ATTACHMENT.pdfWP/13Review MET/IE WG Terms of Reference and Work Programme18 Mar. 2017Secretariat 
WP14_AI.5_THA_APAC-PERFORMANCE-INDICATORS.pdfWP/14ASIA/PAC Performance Indicators20 Mar. 2017Thailand 
WPC01_AI.C1_AUS-JPN_MUTUAL-BACK-UP-OPS-VAAC-DARWIN-AND-TOKYO.pdfWP/C01Mutual Back-up Operations between VAACS Darwin and Tokyo17 Mar. 2017Australia and Japan 
WPC02_AI.C2_SIN_REVIEW-WS-SIGMET-TEST-12.pdfWP/C02Review of WS SIGMET Test 1217 Mar. 2017Singapore RODB 
WPC03_AI.C2_JPN_PROGRESS-WITH-SIGMET-TESTS-WC-WV Revised.pdfWP/C03Progress with SIGMET Tests – WC and WV (Revised 20/03/17)21 Mar. 2017Japan 

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