ICAO Workshop on Implementation of Aerodrome Operational Procedures to Enhance Aerodrome Certification
(Bangkok, Thailand 12 to 14 July 2016)
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AP-049-16 (AGA).pdf01Invitation Letter5 March 2016Secretariat
AP-049 - Attachment A - Provision Programme.pdf02Provision Programme5 March 2016Secretariat
Provision Programme.pdf02Provision Programme11 July 2016Secretariat
AP-049 - Attachment B - Workshop Bulletin.pdf03Workshop Bulletin5 March 2016Secretariat
AP-049 - Attachment C - Nomination Form.doc04Nomination Form5 March 2016Secretariat
Group photo.pdf04Group photo12 July 2016Secretariat
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(12)
session 1.pdf01Session 1 - Issues and challenges in the aerodromes field identified by USOAP CMA audits  12 July 2016ICAO
Session 2.pdf02Session 2 - Introduction to PANS-Aerodromes12 July 2016ICAO
AC 2016 FINAL.pdf03Aerodrome Certification - Issues and Challenges12 July 2016Malaysia
CAAS' Experience in Aerodrome Certification.pdf04Aerodrome Certification – The CAAS Experience12 July 2016Singapore
Bangladesh Experience on Aerodrome certification - Copy.pdf05Bangladesh Experience on Aerodrome Certification12 July 2016Bangladesh
issue and challenges for aerodrome certification in myanmar 16  june.pdf06Issues and Challenges facing to the implementation of Aerodrome Certification12 July 2016Myanmar
PANS Aerodromes Sri Lanka.pdf07Aerodrome Certification in Sri Lanka12 July 2016Sri Lanka
session 3.pdf08Session 3 - General principles and procedures for all stages of aerodrome certification13 July 2016ICAO
Session 4- Roll out of PANS Aerodromes.pdf09Session 4 - Roll Out of PANS Aerodromes (Doc 9981)13 July 2016ICAO
Session 5 Chapter 4- Aerodrome Compatibility.pdf10Session 5 - Methodology and Procedures to assess the compatibility between aeroplane operations and aerodrome infrastructure13 July 2016ICAO
Session 6.pdf11Session 6 - Amendment 1 to PANS-Aerodromes and future work programme13 July 2016ICAO
Sessions 7 and 8.pdf12Sessions 7 and 8 - Amendment 13 to Annex 14, Volume I13 July 2016ICAO

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