Second Meeting of Performance based  Navigation Implementation
Coordination Group (PBNICG/2)
(Bangkok, Thailand,11-12 June 2015)              
collapse Type Name : 2015 PBNICG2 ‎(31)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(6)
PBN ICG-2 Final Report.pdfReport of PBNICG/2PBN ICG-2 Final Report24 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
APX. A - List of action items_PBNICG2.xlsxAppendix A - List of Action ItemsAPX. A - List of action items_PBNICG224 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
APX. B - PBN Implementation Progress Report Form_PBNICG2_WP04.docAppendix B - PBN Implementation Progress Report FormAPX. B - PBN Implementation Progress Report Form_PBNICG2_WP0424 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
APX. C - PBN in a page_PBNICG2_WP02.pdfAppendix C - PBN in a PageAPX. C - PBN in a page_PBNICG2_WP0224 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
APX. D - PBN Procedure Safety Assessment Checklists.docAppendix D - PBN procedure Safety Assessment ChecklistsAPX. D - PBN Procedure Safety Assessment Checklists24 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
APX. E - Outcomes of ICAO Regional PBN Seminar.docxAppendix E - Outcomes of ICAO Regional PBN SeminarAPX. E - Outcomes of ICAO Regional PBN Seminar24 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(5)
AP054 - PBNICG-2_BKK_THA 11-12 June 2015_final.pdfLetter of InvitationAP054 - PBNICG-2_BKK_THA 11-12 June 2015_final07 Apr. 2015Secretariat 
PBNICG2 WP IP Template.docWP/IP TemplatePBNICG2 WP IP Template08 May 2015Secreatariat  
PBNICG2 tentative programmerev.pdfTentative ProgrammePBNICG2 tentative programmerev11 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
Group Photo - PBNICG 11-12 June 2015.pdfGroup PhotoGroup Photo - PBNICG 11-12 June 201511 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
draft final list of participants.pdfList of participantsdraft final list of participants15 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP01-A01-Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional AgendaWP01-A01-Adoption of Agenda05 May 2015Secretariat 
WP02-A10-PBN in a Page.pdfWP/02PBN in a PageWP02-A10-PBN in a Page05 May 2015Secretariat 
WP03-A10-Safety Assessment.pdfWP/03PBN Procedure Safety Assessment Checklists and UtilizationWP03-A10-Safety Assessment05 May 2015Secretariat 
WP04-A5-PBN Implementation Progress Report Form - rev.pdfWP/04Proposal for PBN Implementation Prograess Report FormWP04-A5-PBN Implementation Progress Report Form - rev10 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
WP05-A10-New NavSpec_Hong Kong v3_1.pdfWP/05New PBN Navigation Specifications Implementation issuesWP05-A10-New NavSpec_Hong Kong v3_110 June 2015Hong Kong, China 
WP06-A12-PBN ICG Next Meeting Schedule.pdfWP/06PBN ICG Next Meeting Schedule WP06-A12-PBN ICG Next Meeting Schedule10 June 2015Secretariat 
WP07_Review of PBNICG Action Items_ver0 1.pdfWP/07Review of PBNICG Action ItemsWP07_Review of PBNICG Action Items_ver0 111 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
WP07_Appendix A- List of action items_final.pdfWP/07Appedix A to WP/07WP07_Appendix A- List of action items_final12 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
WP08_Seamless ATM Plan Update_ver0 4.pdfWP/08APAC Seamless ATM Plan UpdateWP08_Seamless ATM Plan Update_ver0 411 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
WP09_A4 - Outcomes of PBN Seminar.pdfWP/09Outcomes of ICAO Regional PBN SeminarWP09_A4 - Outcomes of PBN Seminar11 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
WP10-A09 Maldives.pdfWP/10PBN City Pair Male-ColomboWP10-A09 Maldives11 Jun. 2015Maldives 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(4)
IP01-A02-SARPs-PANS Amendment Information ver 1 0.pdfIP/01Information on ICAO SARPS and PANS Amendment as related to PBN, AOM and FPDIP01-A02-SARPs-PANS Amendment Information ver 1 014 May 2015Secretariat 
IP02-A03-Updates on PBN Implementation in China.pdfIP/02Updates on PBN Implementation in ChinaIP02-A03-Updates on PBN Implementation in China05 Jun. 2015China 
IP03_ICAO Report about ISTF-5.pdfIP/03Progress Report about APANPIRG Ionospheric Study Task ForceIP03_ICAO Report about ISTF-509 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
IP04-A05_Hong Kong PBN Implementation v3.pdfIP/04Hong Kong PBN ImplementationIP04-A05_Hong Kong PBN Implementation v310 June 2015Hong Kong, China 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
SP01_ICAO ATS Route and Waypoint Implementation.pptxSP/01ATS Route and Waypoint ImplementationSP01_ICAO ATS Route and Waypoint Implementation11 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
SP02_ICAO June 2015 - ICAO Global Implementation Update ELassoij v2.pptxSP/02ICAO Global Implementation UpdateSP02_ICAO June 2015 - ICAO Global Implementation Update ELassoij v211 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(3)
Flimsy 01 - Attachment A -Report of Design Session of BIMT Airspace - version 1.pdfFlimsy 1Attachment A to Flimsy 1Flimsy 01 - Attachment A -Report of Design Session of BIMT Airspace - version 112 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
Flimsy 01 - Attachment B - BIMT.pdfFlimsy 1Attachment B to Flimsy 1Flimsy 01 - Attachment B - BIMT12 Jun. 2015Secretariat 
Flimsy1-A09-Example of Sub-Regional Enroute Coordination rev.pdfFlimsy 1Example of Sub-regional Coordination on PBN route enhancementFlimsy1-A09-Example of Sub-Regional Enroute Coordination rev12 Jun. 2015Secretariat 

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