​First Meeting of Performance based Navigation Implementation Coordination Group (PBNICG/1)                                            
(Beijing, China, 10 - 12 March 2015)              
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PBN ICG-1 Report - clean version_final.pdfReport of PBNICG/1PBN ICG-1 Report - clean version_final19 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(3)
AP169-14-RSO.pdf01Invitation LetterAP169-14-RSO11 February 2015Secreatariat - RSO 
AP169 - Attachment C - Registration Form.docx02Registration FormAP169 - Attachment C - Registration Form11 February 2015Secreatariat - RSO 
PBNICG WP IP Template.doc03WP/IP TemplatePBNICG WP IP Template11 February 2015Secreatariat - RSO 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(11)
WP03-A1-Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/03Provisional AgendaWP03-A1-Adoption of Agenda05 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP04-A3-RSO PBN Support.pdfWP/04PBN Implementation Support Activities by ICAO APAC RSOWP04-A3-RSO PBN Support05 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP05-A4-PBN Implementation Plan Status.pdfWP/05Status of Development of State PBN Implementation PlanWP05-A4-PBN Implementation Plan Status6 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP06-A9-PBN ICG Standing Agenda.pdfWP/06Management Documents and Schedule for Future PBNICG MeetingsWP06-A9-PBN ICG Standing Agenda06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP07-A8-Safety Assessment.pdfWP/07Safety Assessment Requirement in PBN ImplementationWP07-A8-Safety Assessment06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP08-A7-Outcomes From CMAC-FUA-ATFM Events.pdfWP/08Related Outcomes from CMAC/FUA/ATFM Projects and WorkshopsWP08-A7-Outcomes From CMAC-FUA-ATFM Events06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP09-A3-PBN Implementation Status Update.pdfWP/09Review and Update State’s PBN Implementation StatusWP09-A3-PBN Implementation Status Update06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP10_PBN implemenation progress in Asia-Pacific.pdfWP/10PBN Implementation Progress of the Asia and Pacific RegionsWP10_PBN implemenation progress in Asia-Pacific09 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
WP11-A8-Hong Kong Revised ARNP v5.pdfWP/11Proposed Transition Plan for Advanced RNP (ARNP) Implementation (Revised 10/03/15)WP11-A8-Hong Kong Revised ARNP v511 Mar. 2015Hong Kong, China 
WP02_PBN ICG TOR.pdfWP/12Terms of Reference of PBNICG and Remaining Action Items from PBN/TFWP02_PBN ICG TOR05 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(12)
IP01-A7-SCS-MTFRG1 Meeting Outcomes Related to PBN Implementation.pdfIP/01SCS-MTFRG/1 Meeting Outcomes related to PBN ImplementationIP01-A7-SCS-MTFRG1 Meeting Outcomes Related to PBN Implementation03 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
IP02 -A3-Pakistan.pdfIP/02PBN Implementation in PakistanIP02 -A3-Pakistan05 Mar. 2015Pakistan 
IP03-A3-Maldives PBN Implementation.pdfIP/03PBN Implementation in the MaldivesIP03-A3-Maldives PBN Implementation06 Mar. 2015Maldives (Republic of) 
IP04-A6-Maldives PBN Domestic routes.pdfIP/04PBN (RNP 1) Domestic RoutesIP04-A6-Maldives PBN Domestic routes06 Mar. 2015Maldives (Republic of) 
IP05-A5-Lateral Separation Criteria in PANS-ATM.pdfIP/05Lateral Separation Criteria in PANS-ATMIP05-A5-Lateral Separation Criteria in PANS-ATM06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
IP06-A4-Review of relevant outcomes.pdfIP/06Review of Relevant Meetings OutcomesIP06-A4-Review of relevant outcomes06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
IP07-A7-RSO PBN Support for Domestic and Sub-Regional Enroute.pdfIP/07PBN Implementation Support for Domestic and Sub-Regional En-Route DevelopmentIP07-A7-RSO PBN Support for Domestic and Sub-Regional Enroute06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
IP08-A5-Revised PBNICG WP_Hong Kong PBN Implementation.pdfIP/08Update on Hong Kong, China PBN Implementation (Revised 10/03/15)IP08-A5-Revised PBNICG WP_Hong Kong PBN Implementation11 Mar. 2015Hong Kong, China 
IP09-A3-PBN IMPLEMENTATION IN CHINA Final.pdfIP/09PBN Implementation in ChinaIP09-A3-PBN IMPLEMENTATION IN CHINA Final11 Mar. 2015China 
IP10-A3-Thailand PBN Implementation Status.pdfIP/10Thailand PBN ImplementationIP10-A3-Thailand PBN Implementation Status11 Mar. 2015Thailand 
IP11-A3-PBNICG IP Vietnam.pdfIP/11PBN Implementation in Viet NamIP11-A3-PBNICG IP Vietnam11 Mar. 2015Viet Nam 
IP12-A3-PBNICG IP Fiji.pdfIP/12Fiji PBN Implementation and ProgressIP12-A3-PBNICG IP Fiji12 Mar. 2015Fiji 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(2)
Flimsy01-A5-PBN-in-One-Page.pdfFlimsy/01PBN in a PageFlimsy01-A5-PBN-in-One-Page06 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
Flimsy02-Order of Business.pdfFlimsy/02Order of BusinessFlimsy02-Order of Business09 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
collapse Category : Presentations ‎(3)
Presentation 1 - Revised HQ Global Update APAC ICG 2015.pdfPPT/01PBN Update (Revised 10/03/15)Presentation 1 - Revised HQ Global Update APAC ICG 201512 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
Presentation 2  RSO - 2015-03.pdfPPT/02ATM Implementation Support by ICAO APAC RSOPresentation 2 RSO - 2015-0309 Mar. 2015Secretariat 
PPT03 - PBN update Indonesia.pdfPPT/03PBN Update in IndonesiaPPT03 - PBN update Indonesia12 Mar. 2015Indonesia 

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