2014 ISTF/4

The Fourth Meeting of Ionospheric Studies Task Force (ISTF/4)
(New Delhi, India, 5 - 7 February 2014)
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Final Report of ISTF-4.pdfReport of ISTF/4Final Report of ISTF-410 Feb. 2014Secretariat 
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AP162 - Invitation letter.pdfInvitation letterAP162 - Invitation letter13 Dec. 2013Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docxWP/IP TemplateWP-IP Template23 Jan. 2014Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants.pdfList of ParticipantsAttachment 1 - Final List of participants11 Feb. 2014Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO Provisional Agenda.pdfWP01Provisional AgendaWP01_ICAO Provisional Agenda13 Dec. 2013Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI2 - NSP WGW-14 APEC GIT-18 and AOSWA-2 outcomes.pdfWP02Review Outcome of NSP WGW/14, APEC GIT/18 and AOSWA-2WP02_ICAO AI2 - NSP WGW-14 APEC GIT-18 and AOSWA-2 outcomes23 Jan. 2014Secretariat 
WP03_ISTF4_India Performance of SBAS System GAGAN Experience - Revised.pdfWP03 (Revised)Performance of SBAS System and Challenges in Maintaining Uplink Station in the Equatorial Region for the Satellite Based Augmentation Systems - Gagan ExperienceWP03_ISTF4_India Performance of SBAS System GAGAN Experience - Revised6 Feb. 2014India 
WP04_India AI.3 - Lost of Lock for GNSS.pdfWP04Correlation of Scintillation and Loss of Lock for GNSS SystemsWP04_India AI.3 - Lost of Lock for GNSS30 Jan. 2014India 
WP05_ISTF4_Japan Data Server Manual.pdfWP05Japan Data Server ManualWP05_ISTF4_Japan Data Server ManualFeb 04, 2014Japan 
WP06_ISTF4_Japan Scintillation.pdfWP06Methodology of Scintillation Data AnalysisWP06_ISTF4_Japan ScintillationFeb 04, 2014Japan 
WP07_ISTF4_Japan_ Space Weather considerations.pdfWP07Consideration of Space Weather for GNSS Implementation in the Low Magnetic Latitude RegionWP07_ISTF4_Japan_ Space Weather considerationsFeb 04, 2014Japan 
WP08_ISTF4_ROK AI 4 - Periods of Interest.pdfWP08Identified Past Periods of Interest for Ionosphere Data AnalysisWP08_ISTF4_ROK AI 4 - Periods of InterestFeb 05, 2014Republic of Korea 
Copy of Attachment A 3 WP08- Days_of_interest_2001-2013.xlsxWP08 Att A3Days of interest 2001 - 2013Copy of Attachment A 3 WP08- Days_of_interest_2001-2013Feb 05, 2014Republic of Korea 
WP09_ISTF4_India_Iono analysis.pdfWP09Characteristics of TEC Over Indian RegionWP09_ISTF4_India_Iono analysis5 Feb. 2014India 
WP10_ISTF4_India_Iono model.pdfWP10Development of Ionosphere Prediction Models for Indian RegionWP10_ISTF4_India_Iono model5 Feb. 2014India 
WP11_India_Space weather.pdfWP11Space Weather Effects on GAGANGWP11_India_Space weather5 Feb. 2014India 
WP12_ISTF4_Australia _Task3-4 outline.pdfWP12ISTF data processing tasks (Tasks 3 & 4)WP12_ISTF4_Australia _Task3-4 outline6 Feb. 2014Australia 
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IP01 ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP01Meeting BulletinIP01 ICAO - Meeting Bulletin16 Dec. 2013Secretariat 
IP02_ISTF4_India Analysis of the effect of Ionosphere on GAGAN system revA.pdfIP02Analysis of the effect of Ionosphere on GAGAN system IP02_ISTF4_India Analysis of the effect of Ionosphere on GAGAN system revAFeb 06, 2014India 
IP03_ISTF4_ROK - Reinforcement of international cooperation for establishment and operation of SBAS in the Future.pdfIP03Reinforcement of international cooperation for establishment and operation of SBAS in the FutureIP03_ISTF4_ROK - Reinforcement of international cooperation for establishment and operation of SBAS in the FutureFeb 04, 2014Republic of Korea 
IP04_ISTF4_Japan_Status_ENRI.pdfIP04Current Status of Activities on Ionosphere Studies for GNSS in JapanIP04_ISTF4_Japan_Status_ENRIFeb 04, 2014Japan 
IP05_ISTF4_Japan_AOSWA-2 report.pdfIP05Report on the 2nd AOSWA WorkshopIP05_ISTF4_Japan_AOSWA-2 reportFeb 04, 2014Japan 
IP06_ISTF4_Japan_Coordination_SCINTEX.pdfIP06Coordination of Scintex Format between ICAO/ISTF and ITU-RIP06_ISTF4_Japan_Coordination_SCINTEXFeb 04, 2014Japan 
IP07_ISTF4_Japan_GTEX_status.pdfIP07Current Status of Data Conversion Tool and Database of GTEXIP07_ISTF4_Japan_GTEX_statusFeb 04, 2014Japan 
IP08_ISTF4_Australia_Report.pdfIP08Update on relevant activities in AustraliaIP08_ISTF4_Australia_Report6 Feb. 2014Australia 
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Presentation_ISTF4_India- GAGAN - IRNSS - observations Feb-14.pdfPPT01Ionospheric Behavior during current Solar Storms over Indian RegionPresentation_ISTF4_India- GAGAN - IRNSS - observations Feb-14Feb 06, 2014qIndia 
Presentation_ISTF4_Japan- presentation about_Ionospheric_Space_Weather.pptPPT02Ionospheric Observations Using GEONET DataPresentation_ISTF4_Japan- presentation about_Ionospheric_Space_WeatherFeb 06, 2014Japan 
Presentation_PH_ISTF4.pptxPPT03Philippines Update For Task 1 (Data Collection)Presentation_PH_ISTF407 Feb. 2014Philippines 

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