2010 ATNICG WG/7

​Aeronautical Telecommun​​ication Network Implementation CoordinationGroup
Seventh Working Group Meeting (ATNICG WG/7)​

​29 January 2010, Bangkok, Thail​and

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atnicg_wg7rpt.pdfReport of the Seventh Working Group Meeting of Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN) Implementation Co-ordination Group of APANPIRGatnicg_wg7rpt
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wp01.pdfWP/01Provisional Agendawp01
wp02.pdfWP/02Report on the Outcome of Working Group M --Maintenance of Aeronautical Communication Panel Meetingwp02
wp03.pdfWP/03Report on the Outcomes of ATNICG WG/6 Meetingwp03
wp04.pdfWP/04FAA Planned Packet Switching Network (X.25) Decommissionwp04
wp05.pdfWP/05Proposal for Enhancements to ASIA/PACIFIC AMHS Manual, Annex Cwp05
wp06.pdfWP/06ASIA/PAC ATN Network Service Access Point (NSAP) Addressing Planwp06
wp07.pdfWP/07AMHS Performance Assessment in the Asia/Pacific Region (Draft)wp07
wp08.pdfWP/08Statistics for ATS Messaging Management Related to the ASIA/PACIFIC AMHS Performance Assessmentwp08
wp09.pdfWP/09Proposal to Enhance the ATN Backbone Network of the APAC Regionwp09
wp10.pdfWP/10tegy for Implementation of ATN in the Asia/Pacific Regionwp10
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List_participants.pdfList of ParticipantsList_participants
ip01.pdfIP/1Implementation of ATN and AMHS Service between Hong Kong, China and Macao, Chinaip01
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sp01.pdfSP/1Implementation of ATN and AMHS Service Between Hong Kong, China and Macao, Chinasp01
sp02.pdfSP/2ATNICG Activitiessp02

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