2010 ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/20

​The Twentieth Meeting of the A​PANPIRG ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Group (ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/20)

​​Singa​pore, 05 – 09 July 2010

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ATMAISSAR_SG20rpt.pdfReport of the Twentieth Meeting of the APANPIRG ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Group (ATM/AIS/SAR/SG/20)ATMAISSAR_SG20rpt
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wp01.pdfWP/01Provisional Agendawp01
wp02.pdfWP/02Review and Update Conclusions and Decisions of APANPIRGwp02
wp03.pdfWP/03APANPIRG/20 Report and ANC/Council Actionswp03
wp04.pdfWP/04Review of Regional Performance Objectives, Performance Framework Forms and Metricswp04
wp05.pdfWP/05ATM/AIS/SAR Task Listwp05
wp06.pdfWP/06Second Meeting of ICAO Flight Plan and ATS Messages Implementation Task Forcewp06
wp07.pdfWP/07Search and Rescue Matterswp07
wp08.pdfWP/08Summary Report of the Southeast Asia Route Review Task Force (SEA-RR/TF) – First and Second Meetings - (Revised)wp08
wp09.pdfWP/09Global Operational Data Link Document (GOLD)wp09
wp10.pdfWP/10Outcomes of the Fifth Meeting of the AIS-AIM Implementation Task Forcewp10
wp11.pdfWP/11Update on the Development of ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Database for the Five-Letter Name-Codes Allocationswp11
wp12.pdfWP/12Outcomes of the 46th DGCA Conferencewp12
wp13.pdfWP/13Summary Reports of the 12th Meeting of the FANS Implementation Team (FIT) for the Bay of Bengalwp13
wp14.pdfWP/14Summary Report of the Tenth Meeting of FANS Implementation Team for South-East Asia (FIT-SEA/10)wp14
wp15.pdfWP/15Review of the Outcomes of the Seventeenth Meeting of South-East Asia ATS Co-ordination Group (SEACG/17)wp15
wp16.pdfWP/16Terms of Reference of the South-East Asia ATS Coordination Group (SEACG)wp16
wp17.pdfWP/17Establishment and Operation of the CRA for Southeast Asia ADS/CPDLC Operationswp17
wp18.pdfWP/18Future of the ATFM Task Forcewp18
wp19.pdfWP/19AIS Update from the Second Meeting of ICAO AIS-AIM Study Groupwp19
wp20.pdfWP/20Summary Report of the first three meetings of the Bay of Bengal Reduced Horizontal Separation Task Forcewp20
wp21.pdfWP/21Regional RVSM and Horizontal Safety Performancewp21
wp22.pdfWP/22Report on Activities of the RASMAGwp22
wp23.pdfWP/23Air Traffic Management (ATFM) Survey for Asia/Pacific Surveywp23
wp24.pdfWP/24First Meeting of the MET/ATM Task Forcewp24
wp25.pdfWP/25Review MET Parts of BANP and FASID, and VOLMET Requirements of Asia/Pacific FASID Tableswp25
wp26.pdfWP/26List of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the ATM/AIS/SAR Fieldswp26
wp27.pdfWP/27ICAO Asia and Pacific Seamless ATM Workshopwp27
wp28.pdfWP/28Central Reporting Agencieswp28
wp29.pdfWP/29Airspace Definitions in Asia Pacificwp29
wp30.pdfWP/30PBN/TF/7 Working Paper for Review and Commentwp30
wp31.pdfWP/31BOBCAT Activities Update since BOB-RHS/TF/2wp31
wp32.pdfWP/32AEROTHAI Involvement in ICAO Regional ATM Initiativeswp32
wp33.pdfWP/33PBN State Plan Harmonization Reportwp33
wp34.pdfWP/34Proposed Changes to the Operational Letter of Agreement Between States for the Monitoring of Aircraft Navigation Errors in the South China Sea Areawp34
wp35.pdfWP/35Action for an effective ATM Contingency Plan for the Regionwp35
wp36.pdfWP/36Global Air Traffic Service Inter-Facility Data Communications (Aidc) Interface Control Document (ICD)wp36
wp37.pdfWP/37Report of the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Task Forcewp37
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ip01.pdfIP/01List of Tentative Working and Information Papersip01
ip02.pdfIP/02Terms of Reference of ATM/AIS/SAR Sub-Groupip02
ip03.pdfIP/03Global Performance-Based Approach and Measurementip03
ip04.pdfIP/04SID/STAR Level Revisionsip04
ip05.pdfIP/05Flight Plan Implementation Tracking System (FITS)ip05
ip06.pdfIP/06Review of the Asia/Pacific ATS Route Catalogueip06
ip07.pdfIP/07Adoption of Amendment 36 to Annex 15 and Amendment 56 to Annex 4ip07
ip08.pdfIP/08Improvement of the State Letter Consultation Process on Amendment Proposals to SARPs and PANSip08
ip09.pdfIP/09Volcanic Ash Developmentsip09
ip10.pdfIP/10Provision of electronic AIP (eAIP)ip10
ip11.pdfIP/11Optimization of Air Routes in the Hong Kong Flight Information Regionip11
ip12.pdfIP/12AIS to AIM Activities in Mongoliaip12
ip13.pdfIP/1331st And 32nd Meeting of the Informal Pacific Air Traffic Control (ATC) Coordinating Group (IPACG/31 & IPACG/32)ip13
ip14.pdfIP/14Report on the outcomes of the 5th Meeting of the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean ATS Coordination Group (ASIOACG/5)ip14
ip15.pdfIP/15Traffic Movements and GNE Reports June 2009 to May 2010 on the Six Designated Monitored Areas in the South China Seaip15
ip16.pdfIP/16Report on the Result of the ADS/CPDLC Operational Trial and the Proposed Plan for Transition from the Trial to the Operational Implementation in the Ujung Pandang FIRip16
ip17.pdfIP/17Federal Aviation Volcanic Ash Responseip17
ip18.pdfIP/18Status of the Aeronautical Information Management Digital NOTAM Programip18
ip19.pdfIP/19Status of the Development And Implementation Of Aeronautical Information Management Digital NOTAM Programip19
ip20.pdfIP/20Status Of The Development And Implementation of ADS C Climb/Descend Proceduresip20
ip21.pdfIP/21Update on Activities of the Asia And Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE)ip21
ip22.pdfIP/22Report on the development of a ICAO global air traffic flow management manualip22
ip23.pdfIP/2324th Meeting of the Informal South Pacific ATS Coordinating Group (ISPACG/24)ip23

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