2010 ATFMSG/1

​The First Meeting of the​ Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Flow Management

St​eering Group (ATFMSG/1)

To​kyo​, Japan, 08 − 10 Decem​ber 2010

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ATFMSG1rpt.pdfReport of the First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group (ATFMSG/1)ATFMSG1rpt
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(6)
wp01.pdfWP/1Provisional Agendawp01
wp02.pdfWP/2Draft Terms of Reference - Revisedwp02
wp03.pdfWP/3Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Surveywp03
wp04.pdfWP/4Global ATFM Manual - Revisedwp04
wp05.pdfWP/5Bay of Bengal ATFM Task Listwp05
wp06.pdfWP/6Draft APAC ATFM Concept of Operationswp06
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ip01.pdfIP/1List of Working Papers (WPs) and Information Papers (IPs)ip01
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(9)
1ATFM_Communication_Handbook_APAC_Regions.pdf1Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Communications Handbook for the Asia/Pacific Region Version 1.0 -September 20091ATFM_Communication_Handbook_APAC_Regions
2bobcat_atfm.pdf2BOBCAT ATFM Collaboration & Data Sharing2bobcat_atfm
3CARATS presentation.pdf3Collaborative Action for Renovation of Air Transport Systems (CARATS)3CARATS presentation
4cdm_jcab20101209_ATFMSG1.pdf4Collaborative Decision Making at JCAB ATMC4cdm_jcab20101209_ATFMSG1
5Thailand_ Airport_ Capacity.pdf5Thailand: Summary of Airport Capacity5Thailand_ Airport_ Capacity
6Thailand_ Airport_ Tactical.pdf6Thailand: Airport Tactical & Airspace Tactical ATFM Procedure6Thailand_ Airport_ Tactical
7Traffic_ Flow_ Management.pdf7US FAA Traffic Flow Management7Traffic_ Flow_ Management
8CDM_ATFM_tools.pdf8CDM ATFM Tools8CDM_ATFM_tools
9Thailand_RWY.pdf9Runway Capacity9Thailand_RWY

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