2010 AMHS

​Air Traffic Message Handlin​g Service (AMHS) Implementation Planning Workshop​

27-28 January 2010, Ba​ngkok, Thailand


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AMHS.jpgGroup photoAMHS
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wp01.pdfTentative Agendawp01
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sp01.pdfSP/01AMHS: Do we need the system?sp01
sp02.pdfSP/02CAR/SAM Regional AMHS Transition Plansp02
sp03.pdfSP/03ATNICG Activitiessp03
sp04.pdfSP/04FAA Process for Interoperability Testsp04
sp05.pdfSP/05ASIA/PAC ATN Implementation Strategysp05
sp06.pdfSP/06Certification & Validation --ASIA/PAC the Guidance Document for AMHS Conformance Testingsp06
sp07.pdfSP/07Singapore ATN/AMHS Implementation Statussp07
sp08.pdfSP/08ICAO Frameworksp08
sp09.pdfSP/09Implementation of ATN and AMHS Service between Hong Kong and Macao, China (Revised 27/01/2010)sp09
sp10.pdfSP/10AMC Activitiessp10
sp11.pdfSP/11ATN Services Enhancement (Revised 27/01/2010)sp11
sp13.pdfSP/13AMHS Implementation Plan and Statussp13
sp14.pdfSP/14AMHS Implementation Coordinationsp14
sp15.pdfSP/157th Meeting of Working Group of ATNICG and Workshopsp15
sp16.pdfSP/16Thailand AMHS Implementation Statussp16
sp17.pdfSP/17AMHS COMM Center Operational Proceduressp17
sp18.pdfSP/18AMHS Security Task Statussp18
sp19.pdfSP/19AMHS Performance Assessment ATNICG-WG7/WP7 and WP8sp19
sp20.pdfSP/20Air Traffic Message Handling System (AMHS) Plansp20
sp21.pdfSP/21USA/FAA AMHS Implementation Statussp21
sp22.pdfSP/22AHMS --Transition in the Asia/Pacific Regionsp22
sp23.pdfSP/23Avitech Presentation to ICAOsp23
sp24.pdfSP/24Maximizing the Value of AMHS/ATNsp24
sp25.pdfSP/25System Wide Information Management (SWIM)sp25
sp26.pdfSP/26Nepal AMHS Implementation Status Reportsp26
sp27.pdfSP/27Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS) Network Strategysp27

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