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BOBTFRG/2Second Meeting of the Bay of Bengal Traffic Flow Review Group (BOBTFRG/2) 8 - 10 October 2019Bangkok, Thailand70 
FIPV SeminarSeminar on Flight Inspection and Procedure Validation24 - 27 September 2019Bangkok69 
SCSTFRG/8Eighth Meeting of the South China Sea Traffic Flow Review Group (SCSTFRG/8)3 - 5 September 2019Bangkok, Thailand67 
CNS SG/23 Twenty-third Meeting of the Communications/Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group of APANPIRG2-6 September 2019Bangkok, Thailand66 
ISAGO Workshop: IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Workshop (jointly organized by IATA and ICAO) 15-16 August 2019Bangkok, Thaialand64 
PBN Workshop for ATCOPBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers13 - 16 August 2019Bangkok, Thailand63 
COSCAP SEA-EASA SSPCOSCAP SEA–EASA State Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation Course12 -16 August 2019Bangkok, Thailand62 
ATM/SG/7Seventh Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Sub-Group (ATM/SG/7) of APANPIRG05 - 09 August 2019Bangkok, Thailand61 
AIRARD TF/4Fourth Meeting of the Advanced Inter-Regional ATS Route Development Task Force (AIRARD TF/4) 05 - 07 August 2019Bangkok, Thailand60 
AIG WorkshopICAO Regional Accident Investigation Workshop, Asia and Pacific Regions24 to 25 July 2019Putrajaya, Malaysia55 
EDTO-BangkokExtended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) Workshop22 - 26 July 2019Bangkok, Thailand54 
APAC-AIG/7Seventh Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group22 to 23 July 2019Putrajaya, Malaysia53 
COSCAP-SEA CAAState Safety Oversight System Competency and Effectiveness Workshop17 – 19 July 2019Bangkok, Thailand52 
EDTO-BeijingExtended Diversion Time Operations (EDTO) Workshop15-19 July 2019Beijing, China51 
FPP PBN Procedure DC15FPP PBN Procedure Design Course (No. 15)9-26 July 2019Beijing, China50 
RASMAG/24Twenty Fourth Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/24)09 - 12 July 2019Bangkok, Thailand49 
COSCAP-SEA SMxPSafety Management Systems for Practitioners Course,Civil Aviation Training Center 8 - 12 July 2019Bangkok, Thailand48 
COSCAP-SEA SDCPSAviation Safety Data Collection and Processing Systems Workshop, ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Office2-5 July 2019Bangkok, Thailand47 
FIT-Asia/9Ninth Meeting of the FANS Interoperability Team – Asia (FIT-Asia/9)01 – 05 July 2019Makassar, Indonesia 46 
COM COM CO-ORDINATION METINGAfghanistan, People’s Republic of China and Pakistan COM Co-ordination Meeting26-27 June 2019Beijing, China45-1 
AOP/SG/3 and GRF SeminarThird Meeting of the Aerodromes Operations and Planning Sub-Group and Regional Seminar on Implementation of the New Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Conditions 24 - 28 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand45 
VOLCEX/SG/6Sixth Meeting of the ICAO Asia and Pacific Volcanic Ash Exercises Steering Group20 - 21 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand44 
MET SG/23Twenty-third Meeting of the Meteorology Sub -group of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG)17 – 20 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand43 
EU SA APP AIS-AIMEU South Asia Aviation Partnership Project (EU-SA APP) AIS – AIM Workshop17-19 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand42 
EASA  AIS - AIM (ASEAN)EASA Arise Plus AIS – AIM Workshop (ASEAN)12-14 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand41 
IWXXM WorkshopWorkshop on the Implementation of IWXXM12 – 14 June 2019Bangkok, Thailand40 
GBAS/SBAS WorkshopGBAS/SBAS Implementation Workshop3 – 5 June 2019Seoul, Republic of Korea39 
MET/ATM Seminar & MET/R WG/8MET/ATM Seminar and the Eighth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Meteorological Requirements Working Group 27 – 31 May 2019Singapore38 
APRAST/14Fourteenth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team 27 to 31 May 2019Bangkok, Thailand37 
SMS SeminarICAO Asia Pacific Regional Seminar on Aerodrome Safety Management Systems (SMS)27 to 28 May 2019 Incheon, Korea36 
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