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CRV OG/1First Meeting of Common Aeronautical VPN Operations Group16 December 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
ICAO PS WorkshopICAO Workshop for Pacific Island States12-15 December 2016Nadi, Fiji 
ICAO PIS WorkshopICAO Workshop for Pacific Island States12-15 NovemberNadi, Fiji 
CRV TF/6Sixth Meeting of Common Aeronautical VPN Task Force14-15 December 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
APA IGD WG/1First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific ATS Inter-Facility Data Communication Implementation Task Force Working Group on AIDC Implementation Guidance Document13-15 December 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
USAP-CMAICAO Regional Aviation Security Audit Seminar7-9 December 2016Bangkok, thailand 
RPASICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Workshop21-23 November 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
CAPSCACAPSCA Eighth Asia Pacific and Sixth Global Coordination Meeting15 - 18 November 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/12    Twelfth meeting of the South East Asia and Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group8-10 November 2016Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China 
SSPState Safety Programme (SSP) Implementation Course7-11 November 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
APRAST/9Ninth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team31 October to 4 November 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
SCSTFRG/4The Fourth Meeting of South China Sea Traffic Flow Review Group26-28 October 2016Changsha, China 
FF WorkshopFrequency Finder Workshop18-21 October 2016Bangkok, thailand 
APANPIRG/27Twenty Seventh Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/27)5-8 September 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
APAC-AIG/4Fourth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group1-2 September 2016Tokyo, Japan 
AC-SCMAfghanistan Contingency Special Coordination Meeting25 August 2016Dubai, UAE 
Flight Operations Safety Oversight Course 22-26 August 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
​Cabin Safety Inspector Course15-19 August 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
APSAR WG/1SAR Seminar and First Meeting of the ICAO Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue Working Group (APSAR/WG/1)15-19 August 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
PBN Procedure PBN Procedure Design Course (No.11)2-19 August 2016Beijing, China 
53rd DGCA Conference53rd Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Regions01-05 August 2016Colombo, Sir Lanka 
CNS SG/20  Twentieth Meeting of the Communications / Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group of APANPIRG11-15 July 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
PANS–Aerodromes WorkshopICAO Workshop on Implementation of Aerodrome Operational Procedures to Enhance Aerodrome Certification12-14 July 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
ATM SG/4Fourth Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Sub-Group (ATM/SG/4) of APANPIRG04-08 July 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
SIGMET Workshop 2016ICAO/WMO Asia/Pacific SIGMET Workshop Tokyo 201627-23 June 2016Tokyo, Japan 
AAITF/11AIM Seminar and Eleventh Meeting of ICAO Aeronautical Information Services − Aeronautical Information Management Implementation Task Force (AAITF/11)20 - 24 June 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
RASMAG/21Twenty First Meeting of the Regional Airspace Safety Monitoring Advisory Group (RASMAG/21)14-17 June 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
ECCAIRSEuropean Co-ordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting System (ECCAIRS) Course6-16 June 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
ATFM SG/6The Sixth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group (ATFM/SG/6)06-10 June 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
MET SG/20Twentieth Meeting of the Meteorology Sub-group (MET SG/20) of APANPIRG6 - 9 June 2016Bangkok, Thailand 
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