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COM-CMCOM Co-ordination Meeting (Afghanistan, India, Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan)16-18 December 2014New Delhi, India62 
CRV TF/3Third Meeting of the Common Regional Virtual Private Network Task Force (VPN) of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (CRV TF/3)09 -12 December 2014Bangkok, Thailand61 
ATFM/SG/4Fourth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group (ATFM/SG/4)01- 05 December 2014Bangkok, Thailand60 
DGCA/51 51st Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Regions (DGCA/51)24-27 November 2014Hong Kong, China59 
DGC-SAF-1First Director General Course on Aviation Safety21-22 November 2014 Hong Kong, China58 
HLAACPHigh-level Meeting on Afghanistan Airspace Contingency Planning28 November 2014 Hong Kong SAR, China 57 
Asia/Pacific Civil/Military Cooperation Lecture and Seminar19 to 21 NovemberICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China56 
Flight Validation for Pilot Course (No.2)17 Nov - 5 Dec 2014Colombo, Sri Lanka55 
AHACG/2Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Afghanistan Contingency Group17-19 November 2014Istanbul, Turkey54 
SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10Seminar on space based ADS-B and the Tenth Meeting of the South East Asia and Bay of Bengal Sub-regional ADS-B Implementation Working Group (SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/10)11-13 November 2014Singapore53 
TRASAS/4The Fourth Meeting Trans-Regional Airspace and Supporting ATM Systems Steering Group29-31 October 2014Bangkok, Thailand52 
SIP AIDCSpecial Implementation Project (SIP) on ASBU B0-FICE - an ATS Inter-Facility Data Communication28-31 October 2014Bangkok, Thailand51 
Environment SeminarICAO International Aviation and Environment Seminar, 28 to 29 October 2014 and States’ Action Plans Seminar, 29 to 30 October 201428-30 October 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50 
ATFM Workshop Asia Pacific 201427-30 October 2014ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China 49 
FAOSD WorkshopForeign Air Operator Surveillance Database (FAOSD) Programme Workshop20-21 October 2014Bangkok, Thailand48 
GACSICAO Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS)30 Sept -3 Oct 2014Montreal, Canada47 
APRAST/5Fifth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team16-19 September 2014 Bangkok, Thailand46 
SRP AWG/3Third Meeting of the Asia Pacific Safety Reporting and Programme Ad hoc Working Group15 September 2014Bangkok, Thailand45 
AHACG/1The First Meeting of Ad hoc Afghanistan Contingency Group (AHACG/1)11-12 September 2014 (Immediately after APANPIRG/25)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia44 
APANPIRG/25Twenty Fifth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/25)8-11 September 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia43 
EATSCM/2Europe -Asia Trans-regional Special Coordination Meeting22-23 September 2014Beijing, China42 
PBN PD courseFlight Procedure Programme(FPP) PBN PD Course(No.8)02-19 Sep 2014ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China41 
Air Cargo ForumICAO Air Cargo Development Forum2-5 September 2014Zhengzhou, China40 
MET SG/18Eighteenth Meeting of the Meteorology Sub-group (MET SG/18) of APANPIRG18-21 August 2014ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China39 
BIMT/1 & ATMSCMThe First Meeting of Bangladesh – India – Myanmar – Thailand (BIMT/1) and ATM Special Coordination Meeting18-19 August 2014Bangkok, Thailand38 
ATM/SG/2Second Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Sub-Group (ATM/SG/2) of APANPIRG04-08 August 2014Hong Kong, China37 
CNS SG/18Eighteenth Meeting of the Communications/Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group21 - 25 July 2014ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China 36 
TRGWorkshop on the ICAO Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual23 - 25 July 2014Singapore35 
Pans-Ops Initial Course(No.8)14 Jul-08 Aug 2014ICAO Regional Sub-Office, Beijing, China34 
Aerodrome Course/Workshop ICAO Aerodrome Course/Workshop on Aeronautical Studies (Safety Risk Assessment)CANCELLEDCANCELLED33 
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