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Several States in the Asia/Pacific region have taken the decision to implement GBAS station or SBAS system in the near future. The objectives are to improve safety through geometric vertical guidance for final approach as well as accessibility to regional airports. These benefits combined with the overall PBN benefits will enhance the flight profile and the efficiency of flight operation including fuel saving, CO2 emission reduction, and noise abatement.

The GBAS/SBAS system implementation will create new challenges for States compared to conventional infrastructures. As some other regions have already published flight procedures based on these new systems, it's the right time to learn from their experiences and to understand how they dealt with the challenges and overcame them.

In this regard, ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Sub Office (RSO) is going to hold a GBAS/SBAS Implementation Workshop in Seoul, Korea from 3 to 5 June 2019. The detailed programme will be posted in the ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Office webpage soon.


GBAS = Ground Based Augmentation System / SBAS = Satellite Based Augmentation System


Objectives of the workshop:

·      to review requirements of GBAS/SBAS implementation in ICAO publications;

·      to make participants aware of all aspects of GBAS/SBAS implementation;

·      to highlight specificities of GBAS/SBAS procedure design and validation ; and

·      to share experiences and best practices of States and Industry.


Target audience of the workshop:

·         State: regulators, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), flight procedure design office, ATS/CNS/AIM departments

·         Industry: GBAS/SBAS system manufacturers, GBAS/SBAS service providers, avionic manufacturers, flight procedure design company, aircraft manufacturers and users of GBAS/SBAS procedures (airlines)

·         100 participants expected

         *  APAC CAAs/ANSPs participants are given priority and we reserve the right to limit the number of attendees per State​.


Workshop Program:

·         Session 1 - Introduction to GBAS/SBAS

·         Session 2 – GBAS/SBAS Implementation Challenges

·         Session 3 – GBAS/SBAS Implementation in APAC

·         Summary and Outcome of the Workshop



·         ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Sub-Office

          Huho Ha, Regional Officer ATM (PBN);

          Tel: +86 10-6455-7174;


Workshop Program


The workshop will be divided into 3 sessions as follows:


Day 1:

Session 1 – Introduction to GBAS/SBAS

·         Concept and benefits

(Presented by ICAO)

·         System development (architecture, performances)

(Presented by China (TBC), India, Japan, Republic of Korea, USA (to be confirmed), Thales Alenia Space, Honeywell)

·         Avionics and fleet readiness

(Presented by Airbus, Boeing (TBC))

·         Experience and operational benefits

(Presented by IATA & Airlines (TBC))


Day 2:

Session 2 - GBAS/SBAS Implementation Challenges

·         Operational experience

(Presented by France, USA (TBC), etc.)

·         System certification and implementation

(Presented by Japan, Republic of Korea, European Satellite Service Provider)

·         GLS/LPV Flight procedure design and validation

(Presented ICAO, India)

·         Safety assessment

(Presented by ICAO, States)


Day 3:

Session 3 - GBAS/SBAS Implementation in APAC

·         States' perspective on GBAS/SBAS implementation

(Presented by Australia (TBC), Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, etc.)

·         Operator perspective on GBAS/SBAS application

(Presented by Australia (TBC), IATA & Airlines (TBC))


Session 4 - Summary and outcome of the workshop​

1-1_CNS Policy of the ROK_final (C. Yang).pdf
6/4/2019 2:12 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-10_Airbus Fleet Readiness for GBAS SBAS_final (M Hiale).pdf
6/4/2019 2:24 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-11_Boeing GBAS SBAS Overview_final (W Petersen).pdf
6/4/2019 2:25 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-2 Concept and Benefits of GBAS SBAS_post_final (R Guillet).pdf
6/4/2019 2:13 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-3_ICAO Document Review_GBAS-SBAS_final (H Ha).pdf
6/4/2019 2:14 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-4_WAAS_Development_Changes_Since_Commissioning_final (T Schemmp).pdf
6/4/2019 2:14 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-5_EGNOS Status_final (G COMELLI).pdf
6/4/2019 2:15 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-6_MSAS System Development_Rev2 (S Saito).pdf
6/4/2019 2:16 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-7_System Development-GAGAN_final (M Rao).pdf
6/4/2019 2:18 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-8_KASS_Development_Status_final (E Lee).pdf
6/4/2019 2:19 AMXiaoji, Huang
1-9_GBAS System Development_final (P Nef).pdf
6/4/2019 2:20 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-1_System Development Certification and Implementation (J Woods).pdf
6/4/2019 4:00 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-10(1)_GLS_LPV procedure Design and Validation_I(V K Mishra).pdf
6/4/2019 4:11 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-10_GLS-LPV Flight Validation (M Lal).pdf
6/4/2019 4:13 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-11_SBAS LPV flight procedure design and implementation_Rev 1(B Roturier).pdf
6/4/2019 4:16 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-2_GBAS_FAA Program-Approval-Experience (S Beauchamp).pdf
6/4/2019 4:00 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-3_Operational experiences SBAS (B Roturier).pdf
6/4/2019 4:01 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-4_EGNOS System Certification and Implementation_Rev 1(T Racaud).pdf
6/4/2019 4:02 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-5_System Certification and Implementation_Rev 2 (S Saito).pdf
6/4/2019 4:03 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-6_[final] ICAO workshop presentation (Y Choi).pdf
6/4/2019 4:04 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-7_Software Certification Status of KASS(H Chae).pdf
6/4/2019 4:06 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-8_PBN safety studies-main principles(B Roturier).pdf
6/4/2019 4:07 AMXiaoji, Huang
2-9_Design Safety Assurance_Final(P Nef).pdf
6/4/2019 4:08 AMXiaoji, Huang
3-1_ROKs_perspective_on_GBAS_SBAS_implementation (K Jang).pdf
6/5/2019 9:54 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-2_GBAS_SBAS Implementation Perspective-Rev 2 (S Saito).pdf
6/5/2019 9:55 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-3_Australias Perspective (J Woods).pdf
6/5/2019 9:56 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-4_Indias Perspective on GBAS_SBAS Implementation (V K Mishra).pdf
6/5/2019 9:57 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-5_GBAS-SBAS Implementation in China (X Li).pdf
6/5/2019 9:58 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-6_Flight Testing of GBAS in Tianjin Airport  Rev1.3(S Liu).pdf
6/5/2019 9:58 PMXiaoji, Huang
3-7_GAGAN_Regional_Service_Availability (T Schemmp).pdf
6/5/2019 9:59 PMXiaoji, Huang
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