The Field Operations Section comprise of four geographical units; The Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe and the Middle East. These four geographical units are the Technical Cooperation Bureau’s primary points of contact with:

      • UNDP;
      • Departments of government concerned with civil aviation;
      • Departments of government responsible for Trust Fund activities;
      • ICAO Regional Offices;
      • Project co-ordinators and other senior field service staff.

Our personnel contribute in four key areas:

      • participate in and assist with country programming and the identification of possible projects;
      • plan and oversee the preparation and revision of project documents;
      • represent the Technical Cooperation Bureau in the process of obtaining project approvals;
      • monitor the timely, cost effective, and efficient execution of approved projects.

The technical standards to which they work are those laid down in the relevant ICAO Annexes.
Each of Field Operations geographical units carries out the activities and undertakes the responsibilities within its assigned geographical area. Management and control is effected through regular communications with civil aviation administrations, UNDP and its Resident Representatives, project co-ordinators and ICAO Regional Offices. This is reinforced through field missions, inspections, evaluations, and reports.


Some example objectives that TCB has helped it's clients achieve;

      • Updating of the basic air law and civil aviation regulations and procedures
      • Reorganization of the civil aviation administrative structure
      • Enhancement of safety oversight capability
      • Airport planning, development and privatization
      • Air navigation facilities and services planning and implementation
      • Renewal of aeronautical telecommunications facilities and radio navigation aids
      • Improving the research and instruction capability of civil aviation training institutions
      • Procurement, installation and commissioning of major civil aviation systems and equipment