Uruguay: 30th Anniversary of ICAO

and 75th Anniversary of first engined-powered flight of Wright Brothers


Issue date: 13/06/1978


This sheet presents a real mini-history of flight-related topics and shows three stamps (from left to right):

  1. Concorde and Dornier Do X from Lufhansa, registered D-1929.
  2. Graf Zeppelin D‑LZ 127, stratosphere balloon and double decker Wright Flyer I.
  3. Columbia Space Shuttle and Savoia-Marchetti of de Pinedo.

Control number printed sideways in the left margin.



Background: With watermark: inverted ROU (for República Oriental del Uruguay) within a sun. The official country name Republica Oriental del Uruguay indicates that the Republic lies east of the River Uruguay.

ICAO celebrated in fact its 30th anniversary in April 1977.