Turkey : Second Middle East Regional Air Navigation Meeting


Issue date: 17/10/1950



17th century bird‑flight of Hezârfen Ahmet Çelebi.



Biplane over Taurus mountains.


Airport entry and Douglas DC‑3 over Istanbul.






Freak: missing blue print.


Freak: misperforation - Imperforate vertically between pair.


Freak: misperforation. Bisected vertically.


Freak: misperforation. Missing perforations on the right-side (straight edge).

Background: The Second Middle East Regional Air Navigation (MERAN) Meeting was convened by ICAO at the Yildiz Palace, Istanbul, Turkey, from 17 October to 7 November 1950.

On the stamps, the Turkish inscription Milletlerarasi Sivil Havacilik Kongresi means International Civil Aviation Congress.

It is to be noted that many freaks (i.e. misperforation or missing perforations) of these stamps can be found (see samples here-above).

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