Trieste Zone A : Diplomatic Conference on International Air Law


Issue date: 01/10/1952



Savoia-Marchetti S.M. 95C (4‑engine with propeller) over the Coliseum ancient amphitheatre in Roma; in the background, poles with flags. Watermarked.                                       


Variety with aircraft touching the Coliseum.


Variety with aircraft largely above the Coliseum.

Background: The stamp from Italy issued on 29 September 1952 for the Diplomatic Conference on International Air Law was overprinted with AMG‑FTT (Allied Military Government ‑ Free Territory of Trieste) by the Allied Military Government of U.S. and Great Britain.

The Diplomatic Conference on International Air Law, convened by ICAO in Rome, Italy (in the FAO Palace) at the invitation of the Italian Government, met from 9 September to 6 October 1952. This Conference adopted a new air law convention on damage caused by foreign aircraft to third parties on the surface. Delegates or observers representing thirty-two countries and seven international organizations attended it.

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