Togo : 40th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 15/10/1985



Lockheed Constellation, map of Togo and ICAO emblem.


Boeing 707 of Air Afrique, map of Togo and ICAO emblem.


Douglas DC‑8‑61 (1966), map of Togo and ICAO emblem.


Concorde, map of Togo and ICAO emblem.

Icarus (by Hans Erni).

The souvenir sheet also displays (from top to bottom, and left to right) a rather comprehensive history of aviation evolution:

1.      Douglas DC4 (1946);

2.     Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis (1927), named Ryan NYP;

3.     Blériot XI (1909);

4.     Boeing 747 (1969);

5.     Flyer I of Wright Brothers (1903);

6.     Montgolfier hot-air balloon (1783);

7.     Ornithopter of da Vinci (1485).


Background: Due a lack of space (most likely) on the four stamps, de l' is missing in the French name of the Organization. Moreover for the stamps and souvenir sheet, the French name is incorrectly printed and should be: Organisation de l’aviation civile internationale, with only the first letter being capitalized.