The Canadian Connection


This chapter of the ICAO Postal History provides the list of articles (with hyperlinks) published in the philatelic journal named The Canadian Connection. This quarterly journal is prepared by the Canadiana Study Unit (CSU) which is an organization for collectors of Canadiana philately; it was established in 1986 to highlight, document, and study postage stamps and covers issued worldwide, by countries outside Canada, showing a relationship to Canada or connection with Canada, through their marks, history, culture, industries, organizations, famous people, politicians, etc. The Canadian Connection provides specialized philatelic information to members of the CSU and keeps the membership up to date with information about various topics related to Canada. The CSU was dissolved in December 2014.


The following series of articles are related to the ICAO philatelic collection and were published in The Canadian Connection; they provide a Canadiana relationship, as they show philatelic items issued outside Canada and having a connection to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which has its headquarters in Montréal, Canada, since 1945.


From September 2012, a new series was started and named: The ICAO Corner. Each story within The ICAO Corner focuses on a specific subject, which, on one hand, displays the ICAO connection, and, on the other hand, provides the story of the pictures or events found on the stamps or covers. This two-fold approach expands the understanding of the Organization and reports on the background of the issues.


All entries hereafter provide hyperlinks to the original issue and are shown in chronological order of their publication.



Issued on

New Entry

Regular Series

ICAO and Dr. Edward Warner

1 March 1996


ICAO Emblem and Its History

1 September 1996


75th Anniversary of ICAO

1 December 1997


The Stevens Hotel : Genesis of ICAO

1 March 1998


ICAO and Hans Erni

1 September 1998


ICAO Franking and Postal Privileges

1 June 1999


Spelling Errors in an ICAO Thematic Collection

1 December 1999


Winged Artwork

1 June 2000


ICAO’s First Stamp and Regional Aviation Meetings

1 December 2000


The Power of Flight and Peace Symbols

1 June 2001


The Story Behind the ICAO Card

1 September 2001


ICAO Accommodations : A Page of History

1 December 2001


Double Canadiana

1 March 2002


Study on UN #31-32

1 June 2002


Dag Hammarskjöld

1 September 2002


Charles Lindbergh and the Canadian Confederation

1 March 2003


Langley’s Aerodromes

1 June 2003


Montreal salutes General Balbo

1 September 2003


Achieving the Dream

1 December 2003


Exit Concorde

1 March 2004



1 September 2004


De Pinedo Delayed over Canada

1 December 2004


Monochrome Funnels

1 March 2005


From PICAO to ICAO : Organizational Similarities

1 September 2005


Technical Assistance : The First Steps at ICAO

1 March 2006


Eugene Ely

1 September 2006


The ICAO Emblem: To err…

1 June 2007


Barbuda Commemorates ICAO’s 30th Anniversary

1 September 2007


The International Civil Aviation Day

1 September 2008


Belgium UN Stamp : Unusual Design

1 March 2009


IATA – Over 90 Years of World Airline Cooperation

1 December 2010



The ICAO Corner Series

The ICAO Corner

1 September 2012


Isle of Man - The Digital Schneider Trophy

1 December 2012


Indonesia – From the Seulawah to Garuda Indonesian Airways

1 March 2013


Brazil – Semana da Asa

1 June 2013


United Nations – Ernest Cormier

1 September 2013


Overseas Mailers’ covers

1 December 2013


Simon Arzt Cancels

1 March 2014


Paraguay – Air Mail

1 June 2014


Guatemala – 40th Anniversary of ICAO

1 September 2014


Jersey – Reverse Registration Number

1 December 2014