The 75th anniversary of the first powered flight


In December 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright succeeded for the first time in flying a heavier-than-air, engine-powered machine and ushered Year 1 in the history of aviation. This event and the pioneers of the many countries who contributed to this achievement were commemorated in 1978 with an ICAO exhibit in the newly opened UNESCO Pavilion at Man and His World, located at the previous Expo-67 international exposition site in Montreal, Canada.


Expo 67 - Logo

The exhibition featured large photo reproductions of historic model airplanes from the Quantas Collection and a preview of future aircraft as well as historic photographs from the Librairie Flamarion archives in Montreal. Mr. R.J. Hiscock, noted Montreal philatelist and Chief of the ICAO Management Services Office, organized it.


UN Pavilion

at Expo 67

To mark Canada's centenary, Expo 67 (the abbreviated title of the Universal and International Exhibition of 1967) was open from 28 April to 27 October 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With the agreement of the Canadian Government, the United Nations Postal Administration had arranged for the first time in history to establish a United Nations postal station outside of UN territory at Expo 67. Five special stamps expressed in Canadian currency, couriers of international understanding and peace, had been designed for mailing and for sale to philatelic collectors at the pavilion, which was sponsored by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) with the special support from the United Nations Association of Canada.


Commemorative cover related to the exhibition, addressed to Mr. R.J. Hiscock

Franked with UN New York Scott #298‑299 issued on 12/06/1978 (Safety in the air)