Staffa - Scotland (United Kingdom) : United Nations


Issue date: 01/09/1976



Aircraft flying over Staffa Island; UN emblem.

As regards the aircraft, it looks like a McDonnell DouglasDC-9, with a third engine added by the artist.

Perforated and embossed stamp.

The stamp is 2-5/16 inches long and 1-1/4 inches high; it bears the legends "STAFFA-Scotland" and postage ₤6 23 K Gold". It is made from a thin sheet of 23-karat gold with gummed backing and contains 0.0005015 troy ounces of gold.


Background: Staffa issued a set of 29 gold foil stamps in relation to the United Nations and its Agencies. They are not listed in standard catalogues, but specialized catalogues list them.