Somalia : 30th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 31/12/1977



Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of a "helicopter" (Helical Air Screw, circa 1500) and ICAO emblem.


Some experts say that the modern day helicopter was inspired by this design.


Montgolfier hot-air balloon (first manned free flight by balloon, 21 November 1783) and ICAO emblem.


Wright Flyer I and ICAO emblem.   


Boeing 720B of Somali Airlines and ICAO emblem.

Miniature sheet showing the four stamps of the issue and a picture of the International Airport of Mogadishu, Somalia (named Aden Adde International Airport after Aden Abdullah Osman Daar, first President of Somalia from 1960 to 1967).


Miniature sheet mounted on Rowland Hill Gesellschaft hingeless album sheet with explanatory notes in German - Geschichte der Luftfahrt.


First Day Covers.



First Day of Issue – Special cover sent from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Mogadishu to the Head of Public Information (PIO) at ICAO.


First Day of Issue mounted on Rowland Hill Gesellschaft hingeless album sheet with explanatory

notes - Geschichte der Luftfahrt.


Montgolfier’s hot-air balloon


Somalia's coat of arms

Three stamps of this issue were utilized on a card to commemorate the first postal flight by balloon (see text in the cancel: Premier vol postal en ballon). The design in the cachet and the balloon at the upper-left corner of the card seem to refer to Montgolfier’s hot-air balloon (first manned free flight by balloon on 21 November 1783).

Front and back (with map of Somalia) of card.

From March 1784, the French aeronaut Jean-Pierre Blanchard organized several ascents in balloon; he moved to London in August 1784. On 30 November 1784, Doctor John Jeffries joined him for an ascent and took three cards with him; having written on each of them “From the balloon above the clouds”, he threw them overboard from the basket hoping to reach friends and that the cards would be recovered and taken to the post for normal re-routing. This was the first extremely primitive postal technique which became astoundingly popular during balloon ascents.

On 7 January 1785, the team of Blanchard and Jeffies crossed the Channel in a free balloon, taking with them a small sack of mail; this was the first international mail dispatched between Dover, England and Calais, France.

Somalia's coat of arms (shown at upper-left corner) features two leopards supporting a shield, which bears the white star of the national flag; below the shield are two crossed lances and palm fronds wrapped in a ribbon.