Singapore : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 05/10/1994



Shows a globe with the 50th anniversary logo of ICAO.


Features an aircraft of the future, Airbus†A3XX, a double-decker plane set against the familiar Changi Airport control tower.

The design of the future aircraft seems to be closer to the preliminary design specifications of the Aerospace or Deutsche Airbus, although the philatelic notice mentions Boeing†747‑X.



Depicts the hypersonic speed aircraft, another aircraft of the future.


Features the sophisticated future air navigation system, known today as the ICAO communications, navigation and surveillance and air traffic management systems concept (CNS/ATM), which will improve air traffic management in a cost‑effective manner.

Presentation folder of this issue:





Envelope containing the presentation folder:



Background: The four stamps reflect the progressive, high‑tech and futuristic nature of the aviation industry.

For all stamps of this issue, the Organizationís name is printed with s instead of z. The correct name is: International Civil Aviation Organization.