Philatelic Exhibition on Aviation (1994)



16 September 1994

ICAO was founded in 1944, and Canada Post marked ICAO’s 50th anniversary with a commemorative stamp issue. On 16 September 1994, the first day ceremony was held at ICAO’s Sherbrooke Street headquarters. The Secretary General of ICAO, Philippe Rochat, who greeted all the visiting dignitaries and aero-philatelists with a warm smile and firm handshake, headed an imposing launch in the vast and sumptuous Assembly Hall of the Organization. Columnists Denis Masse from LA PRESSE and Larry McInnis from THE GAZETTE addressed the assembly and declared the philatelic exhibition open; they duly reported on the event in their columns. Approximately twenty members of local stamp clubs were present.





First day cover - 50th Anniversary of ICAO

Philatelic Exhibition on Aviation - 16 to 18 September 1994

The cancel shows a Concorde and a Douglas DC-3.


View of the exhibition in ICAO lobby

This philatelic exhibition on the aviation theme was organized by Mr. Albert Pelsser, staff member at ICAO, in the lobby of ICAO’s building from 16 to 18 September 1994. The exhibition had an impressive 40 large frames that held 22 pages each; exhibitors were members of major clubs, such as the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society, the Lakeshore Stamp Club, etc. Among the exhibits, there were some that would have merited senior awards in a national exhibition. Some of the top names in Canadian philately and aero-philately were exhibiting: François Brisse of the Lakeshore Stamp Club with four frames on balloons; award-winning Dick Malott with nine frames on crash covers, aerogrammes and Canadian Forces air letters; well-known philatelic author Ritch Toop with two frames on ICAO and UN metered mail. Pat Campbell, Lakeshore Stamp Club exhibiting guru, had four frames on various aviation topics, including the Challenger jet; Campbell is an engineer and had worked on the Challenger project for Canadair for many years. Jacques Le Potier had four frames on aviation subjects, including aviation heroes. There were four frames on ICAO itself presented by Albert Pelsser. In six frames, A. Lafond exhibited the history of aviation and other aviation-related subjects. Expert in aerogrammes, Marc-J. Olivier, had three frames on aerogrammes. Mike Shand exhibited airmails from New Zealand in four frames. The Lakeshore Stamp Club presence was reinforced by a two-frame exhibit by Ray Ireson on the development of aviation in Colombia.


50th Anniversary of ICAO – Poster announcing the Philatelic Exhibition on Aviation