Paraguay : History of aviation

75th anniversary of first engined-powered flight of Wright Brothers

and 30th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 24/04/1979







L'Eole airplane of Clement Ader (1890).


Flyer III double decker of Wright Brothers (1905).


This stamp was later reproduced on a commemorative cover, as displayed hereafter.


Voisin-Farman 1bis biplane (1908).


Curtiss Golden Flyer biplane (with a pusher configuration, as the propeller was behind the pilot) flown by Eugene Ely on 14 November 1910 for the first‑ever take‑off from a ship.

Error in spelling of the first name: Eugene is spelled with two 'n'.

More background information on this stamp can be found by clicking on: Philatelic Laxity: Eugene Ely.



Etrich A‑II Taube (1910).


German fighter aircraft of the First World War Fokker E III, with the black Iron Cross used on the German Luftstreitkräfte aircraft in 1915.

Albatros C airplane (1915, aircraft of World War I), from the German Air Force.


Boeing 747 aircraft carrying the Space Shuttle (1980).



Boeing 707 from Lineas Aereas Paraguayas (LAP), the state airline of Paraguay.



Souvenir sheet with 50x40mm stamp reproducing two commemorative cancels for Graf Zeppelin LZ 127 first flight to America (1929) – ICAO emblem with surrounding text: 75o ANIVERSARIO DE O.A.C.I. With control number.



Background: The designer of those stamps included the ICAO emblem, surrounded by 75o Aniversario de OACI. Paraguay inadvertently confused the 75th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ triumph, who made the first successful flight of a manned heavier-than-air vehicle on 17 December 1903, with ICAO which, even today, has not yet reached such a milestone. Furthermore, it should be noted that the date of issuance of this set by Paraguay did not correspond to an anniversary of the first flight (which should have been in 1978) nor to an anniversary celebrated by ICAO. This issue should have more rightly commemorated the 30th anniversary of ICAO (in April 1977), and not its 75th anniversary.

The first seven stamps of this issue were printed in se-tenant strip (Text in the selvage: SELLOS HISTORIA DE LA AVIACION II Y COMMEMORACION DEL 75 ANIVERSARIO DE O.A.C.I.). The last two values are airmail stamps that were printed in separate sheets. Specimen stamps also exist and are shown here above.


USA - 29-31 August 2003 - BALPEX 2003.

Annual exhibition and bourse of the BALPEX stamp show in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Black cachet produced by the Baltimore Philatelic Society in conjunction with the BALPEX 2003 stamp show, featuring reproductions of two Wright Brothers stamps: Uruguay stamp issued on 18/06/1979 (commemorating the 75th anniversary of the first powered flight and the 65th anniversary of the Uruguayan air force) and Paraguay Specimen stamp issued on 24/04/1979 (commemorating the 75th anniversary of civil aviation and the 35th anniversary of ICAO) and providing some informative text.