Nauru : 50th Anniversary of the United Nations


Issue date: 01/01/1995



4 x 75c

††† - National flag

††† - National Coat of Arms

††† - Canoe, frigate birds, part of UN emblem

††† - Air Nauru Boeing 737 over phosphate freighter being loaded by cantilever, part of UN emblem



Souvenir sheet

Background: The 4 stamps of this issue are a contiguous arrangement and design; they were printed together, se-tenant. This issue has some incidental or implied relationship to ICAO as an airplane within the UN framework is displayed.

Nauru commemorated the 50th anniversary of ICAO by issuing 4 stamps and a souvenir sheet on 14 December 1994. In 1995, this country commemorated the 50th anniversary of the United Nations with two issues: this one released on 1 January 1995 and the second one on 24 October 1995 (on UN Day). Nauru issued on 14 December 1994 a set of 4 stamps and a souvenir sheet to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ICAO.

The† finalization and approval† of† the† first† Trust† Fund† Project (ICAO Trust Fund projects are financed by recipient countries entirely from their own resources) in† the† Asia/Pacific Region† was† effected† in† October 1980 (during the 101st Session of the ICAO Council held from 10 October to 18 December 1980) to† advance the civil aviation programme of Nauru. This 2-year large-scale project assisted the government to establish a Flight Information Centre and was executed in 1980 for US$20,570 and in 1981for US$1,44 million. The aircraft on this issue may refer to the advancements in civil aviation brought by the ICAO project to develop Nauruís Flight Information Centre.

Flight Information Centres provide pilots with efficient, seamless flight planning, enroute services and better access to flight information services. They are a one-stop shop for flight planning. In-depth interpretive weather briefings provided by qualified specialists using the latest computer and communications technology, and are available either pre-flight or en route.