Mozambique : 50th Anniversary of ICAO


Issue date: 12/10/1994



Air Tractor AT-500 airplane flying over field (crop spraying) and 50th anniversary logo.

The Air Tractor AT-500 is a family of agricultural aircraft that first flew in the United States on 25 April 1986, manufactured by Air Tractor Inc.


Control tower at Pemba airport in the North of Mozambique; 50th anniversary logo.


Boeing 737-200 from LAM (Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique); 50th anniversary logo.


Maintenance man inspecting jet engine of Boeing 767-200ER; 50th anniversary logo.




Cancelled to Order (CTO)

Extract from the philatelic leaflet:




First Day Cover:


Background: This issue reflects great areas of work that ICAO, during its last 50 years, dedicated itself to develop.

By April 1991, LAM’s fleet consisted of two Boeing 737-200s (including a convertible one), one Boeing 767-200ER (plus another one on order) and four CASA 212-200s.