Miscellaneous Philatelic Exhibitions


In addition to the well-defined exhibitions directly related to ICAO, such as the International Exhibition of Air Mail Postage (1969) or the Philatelic Exhibition on Aviation (1994), the ICAO postal history contains many items related to various philatelic or non-philatelic exhibitions held worldwide. The following pictures display the major ones.



Belgium – First day cover

United Nations issue

World's Fair, Brussels - Expo 58

(17 April to 19 October 1958)




USA - 23 April 1978

MANPEX ‘78 stamp show in Manchester, Connecticut.

Historical event cover for 75th anniversary of the First Powered Flight by the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC on 17 December 1903. The cachet shows a colorful reproduction of USA stamp Sc649 issued on 12 December 1928 for the International Civil Aviation Conference, held in Washington, on a background of several aeroplanes dated back in the early 1900s.



Paraguay – 19 July 1978

International stamps exhibition

(Eurphila 78, Riccione 78, Italy)

75th Anniversary of first flight by Wright Brothers,

30th Anniversary of ICAO

50th anniversary of Francesco de Pinedo’s Western Hemisphere flying boat tour



Bolivia – 16 March 1979

History of aviation

Under the auspices of the Bolivian Philatelic Federation, this souvenir sheet was issued in relation to the various philatelic exhibitions held in Bolivia to commemorate the 75th anniversary of civil aviation.


Souvenir card honouring ICAO’s 40th anniversary issued at the

ORCOEXPO ’85 Stamp Show, held in Anaheim, CA, USA

from 11 to 13 January 1985.

This was the 10th edition of the largest annual philatelic exhibition of this kind in Southern California.

Shows a reproduction of the dark carmine 8-cent stamp issued by the United Nations on 2 February 1955 for the 10th Anniversary of ICAO.



Uruguay – 6 May 1994

1994 International Stamp Exhibition

patronized by FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aérophilatéliques)

17th Winter Olympics Medal winners in Lillehammer, Norway (from 12 to 27 February 1994) 85th Anniversary of Hans Erni

The stamp design in the lower part features a section of a mural called Man in Flight, which was commissioned by Switzerland for the headquarters building in Montreal. The mural was the work of Swiss-born artist Hans Erni.



Argentina, Buenos Aires

50th Anniversary of ICAO

Aero-philatelic Exhibition 

5 to 9 December 1994



50th Anniversary of ICAO

Postcard produced by the Philatelic Association of Slovenia for the philatelic exhibition held in Ljubljana, Sovenia.

Possibly flown between Secovlje / Sicciole (site of a small airport) and Brnik aerodrome (near Kranj, Slovenia's main international airport).

Franked with 55-tolar stamp cancelled Portoroz / Portorose.

All cancellations are dated 6 December 1994.


Austria, 7 December 1994

50th Anniversary of ICAO

Joint issue with Slovenia for the philatelic exhibition held in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The cachet shows a Douglas DC-3.

USA - 29-31 August 2003

BALPEX 2003 -

Annual exhibition and bourse of the BALPEX stamp show in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Black cachet produced by the Baltimore Philatelic Society in conjunction with the BALPEX 2003 stamp show, featuring reproductions of two Wright Brothers stamps: Uruguay ScC437 issued on 18/06/1979 (commemorating the 75th anniversary of the first powered flight and the 65th anniversary of the Uruguayan air force) and Paraguay Specimen Sc1880b issued on 24/04/1979 (commemorating the 75th anniversary of civil aviation and the 35th anniversary of ICAO) and providing some informative text.