Malta : Aviation


Issue date: 02/07/1994



Main aircraft: de Havilland†D.H.104 Dove of the first Air Malta Ltd, christened "City of Valletta" by Lady Boffa, the wife of the Prime Minister Sir Paul Boffa. Air Malta made aviation history as the first non-UK based airline to be registered by the Malta Government in 1947. In the background is an Avro†685 York, the first postwar attempt at converting existing bomber designs (the Lancaster in this case) into airliners. The construction in the background is the old terminal building, which was under the control of the Royal Air Force.†The latter aircraft was seen frequently in the Maltese skies in the fifties and early sixties. 50th anniversary logo.



The main aircraft is a present‑day Airbus†320 of Air Malta Co. Ltd, with the insignia of "Nicolas Cottoner" on the nose, as all aircraft are named after Grand Masters of the Order of St. John. In the background is the first civil transport jet aircraft, the de Havilland†Comet, which was operated by several airlines to Malta from its introduction into service up to the mid-seventies. Also seen is the present air terminal building (from the apron side). 50th anniversary logo.


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Background: †For both stamps of this issue, the Organizationís name is printed with s instead of z. The correct name is: International Civil Aviation Organization.

The two stamps issued for ICAOís 50th anniversary are part of a set of 4 stamps issued at this date. All four stamps of this issue were printed on watermarked paper: Maltese Crosses.