STAMP ISSUES RELATED TO ICAO (from 1996 to 2013)


Kuwait : International Civil Aviation Day


Issue date: 07/12/1999



Logos of Kuwait Directorate General of Civil Aviation and of ICAO.





Background: This issue commemorates the International Civil Aviation Day, which was celebrated in 1994 on the occasion of ICAOís 50th anniversary. "Promoting Global Friendship and Understanding" was the theme of 1999 edition of the International Civil Aviation Day. The theme is taken from the Preamble to the Convention on International Civil Aviation which was signed in Chicago in 1944 and created ICAO.

This issue shows for the first time the third official emblem of ICAO. In May 1995, a revision to the ICAO emblem was made to recognize the introduction of Arabic and Chinese as working languages of the Organization. The Chinese ideograms on the approved emblem represent the Organizationís name in an abbreviated form. Despite the fact that the Arabic inscription appearing in the emblem was not an Arabic word but a transliteration from the English (i.e. translation of each letter of the English acronym ICAO into Arabic characters), the new emblem was adopted (Resolution A31-1) at the 31st Session of the Assembly held in Montreal in 1995.

The compilation of the various emblems used by ICAO since its inception has shown a consistent evolution of the design according to the languages used by the Organization, with however the emphasis put on having a pattern close to the emblem of the United Nations, embracing the world through the spirit of cooperation to achieve the safe and orderly development of civil aviation.