Korea : 10th Anniversary of admission to ICAO


Issue date: 11/12/1962



ICAO emblem, aeroplane, and limited list of names of United Nations membership in the background. KOREA is printed in black over the airplane in brown. 



Souvenir sheet of above stamp. No perforations exist for this souvenir sheet.

Background: The Republic of Korea joined ICAO on 11 December 1952 (30 days after deposit of its instruments of adherence to the Convention on International Civil Aviation), whereas this country joined the United Nations on 17 September 1991 along with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


Chronologically in the ICAO stamp collection, this is first appearance of the ICAO logo with the acronyms ICAO-OACI in the proper character set (as adopted by the 10th Session of the Assembly, held in Caracas in June-July 1956 - Resolution A10-11).

For many years, Korea included a souvenir sheet with many of its commemorative issues, and these are listed with minor numbers in the Scott catalogue. In this particular issue, the souvenir sheet does not have English inscriptions in the selvage that explain what the issue is about. In the years 1966-1973, the accompanying souvenir sheets were issued in quantities of 60,000 to 80,000 for each value. In recent years, the practice of issuing souvenir sheets along with commemorative issues was curtailed.