Israel : International Civil Aviation Day


Issue date: 07/12/1995



Souvenir leaf issued and cancelled (commemorative cancel in Jerusalem) for the celebration of the International Civil Aviation Day in 1995, with the theme: "The Aeroplane in our Lives". It is to be noted that the cancel shows the following error: "THE AEROPLANE IN YOUR LIVES"

Tail of an El Al Airlines Boeing 747; early aircraft; emblem of the Israel Civil Aviation Administration; Israeli flag on runway; white and blue stripes.

The stamp at the lower-right side was issued on 9 July 1990 and produced by the Klussendorf ATM machine (value S1.00, light grey, no machine number printed); it shows the stag, emblem of the Postal Authority, and the star of David.



Back of the souvenir leaf commemorating ICAO’s 50th anniversary.

Excerpt of the Preamble to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed at Chicago on 7 December 1944.


Specimen souvenir leaf.

Background: Israel souvenir leaves were produced for the first time in 1988. Issues are commissioned by private companies or organizations to mark special events, and bear postage stamps as authorized by the Postal Authority. In this case, the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) of Israel required the printing of 2010 souvenir leaves (see bottom center of the souvenir leaf) to celebrate the International Civil Aviation Day on 7 December 1995. Ten souvenir leaves were donated to the Postal Archives.