Guyana : Surcharged Stamps


Issue date: 01/10/1986


The values of the sheetlet of 25 stamps: 30c, Nymphidium Mantus, already overprinted for the 40th anniversary of ICAO, were surcharged with "120". Click on the following link for information on the prior issue: Guyana : 40th Anniversary of ICAO.



Background: No horizontal perforations in the left margin of the above sheet. Note that varieties exist with offset and surcharge on gum, and albino error.

The sheets were originally printed in multiples on a larger press sheet. The serial number only appeared once on the larger press sheet. The overprints and surcharges were done as single sheets and it does not necessarily follow that serial number sheets were used in the same proportion.

Between 1981 and 1989, the majority of Guyana stamps were created by overprints and surcharges that were applied by five different printers located in Georgetown: Government Printer, Bovellís Printery, Autoprint, Herald Printing and Tip Torres. Often, one printer would apply the initial overprint, while another subsequently applied the surcharge.